11 - 12 - 13 June 2024

Innovations & demo's

At the Robot Dome:


GRoW Tomato Harvesting Robot

Innovative features

The GRoW tomato harvesting robot is an award-winning and innovative platform designed to revolutionize tomato harvesting in commercial greenhouses.  
Uses computer vision and machine learning for accurate tomato identification. 
Two precise and gentle robotic arms ensure damage-free harvesting. 
Autonomous navigation for efficient maneuvering in the greenhouse. 
Integration with data management system for yield analysis and decision-making. 
Automatic boxing system for packing produce in reusable containers. 
Enhances efficiency, reduces labor, and promotes sustainability. 

At the Drone Cage:

Corvus Drones E12

Innovative features

Greenhouse drone for monitoring crop health & growth from seed to harvest. Breeders and young plant growers use seed germination and usable plant monitoring applications. Pot plant and cutflower growers start with growth monitoring and use the readiness application to link the right ripeness stage to the right customer. Rose growers use the yield prediction application. During the crop growth period pest & disease monitoring is important. Aphids, caterpillars, Fusarium or Mildew are examples of early stage warming monitoring. The drone flies fully autonomous in the greenhouse. Everyone can deploy the drone from anywhere at anytime, because it’s very easy. From data-collection to reporting is 100% automated. The drone hops from docking station to docking station for automatic recharging and data upload. Reports are send to the growers email or integrated in third party systems like crop management or ERP.

Corvus Drones Drone Cage demo

At the Renewables Hub:


Renewable energy for greenhouses without compromises

Innovative features

Voltiris is innovating in the field of solar modules, combining the use of agricultural surfaces with renewable energy production. Our unique solution relies on a system of dichroic mirrors. These mirrors transmit essential light components for photosynthesis, while 'unused' spectral elements are filtered and directed towards solar panels. This technology enables the production of renewable energy without affecting crop growth. Greenhouse owners, faced with significant energy needs and increasing pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, find a significant advantage in this solution. The generated energy can meet the substantial needs of the greenhouse, and any surplus can be sold to the power grid.

Voltiris Renewables Hub demo

Zantingh van Gog

Zantingh-Varmeteknikk electric boiler

Innovative features

Varmeteknikk electric boilers fit the trend of sustainability, decarbonization and electrification of society and have therefore become increasingly popular in recent years. They are now an important part of hybrid heating systems in greenhouses. With a Varmeteknikk electric boiler, growers can take full advantage of the imbalance in the electricity grid. Due to a strong increase in sustainable energy, electricity companies regularly face electricity surpluses and negative prices are becoming increasingly common. Even substantial fees are offered to companies that are on standby and can respond swiftly to peaks in the electricity grid (peak shaving); for example with an electric boiler. But there are more advantages. They have an efficiency of 100%, have a long lifespan and because of their compact shape they can be placed in any situation. Also, for example, in combination with a gas boiler, a heat pump or solar panels.

Zantingh van Gog Renewables Hub demo

​Zwart Techniek

Smart & Sustainable Energy Solutions

Innovative features

Imagine having real control over your energy. That’s exactly what battery storage provides: the freedom to decide what to do with your stored energy, and when to do it. If you’re connected to the grid, you can even choose to give back your stored energy and earn from it. Or you just use it at your convenience, when you need to accommodate a spike in your energy consumption, for example. It’s your energy, your choice.
But what if you don’t have access to the power grid? Even then, battery storage can offer the solution. It gives you the ability to run completely or partially off-grid. Of course, this requires cooperation with a generation system, reliable backups and a sophisticated energy management system.
At Zwart, we understand the power of smart energy storage and utilization. We’re committed to putting you in control of your energy supply, whether you’re connected to the grid or not. Welcome to the world of power storage systems, where energy security is your ally for a flexible, sustainable future.

Direct Carbon

Wunderpumpe. A Direct Air Capture CO2 pump for circular CEA

Innovative features

We offer affordable and compact CO2 solutions for farms that want to become self-sufficient on CO2. Our machine, Wunderpumpe, captures CO2 from the ambient air and enriches the air in the farm with the captured CO2. The product is easy to use, priced right and is easy to install.


Aquasol Solar PV Floating Solar

Innovative features

This floating solar system presents a unique approach to traditional solar setups, optimizing the use of space by combining water storage with solar power generation. It is securely anchored and seamlessly integrated with the reservoir's bank protection, enhancing stability and cost-effectiveness. This design also reduces algae growth and water evaporation during warm months, preserving water quality.
Equipped with the latest PV panel technology, this system features anti-shading technology to prevent efficiency losses due to bird droppings and soiling. Additionally, bi-facial solar panels capture both direct sunlight and reflected light from the water’s surface while leveraging the cooling effects of the water to significantly boost energy production.
The system's durability is maintained by corrosion-resistant components, ensuring a prolonged operational life. Its robust design maintains consistent performance in various weather conditions, establishing it as a reliable and sustainable solution for energy generation.

Hermans Energy Solutions

Small greenhouse (LxWxH): 120cm x 100cm x 170cm - 100kg
SME Battery system (LxWxH): 60cm x 80xm 205cm - 300kg

Innovative features

Hermans Technisolar, a division of Hermans Energy Solutions, is leader in  unique and high-end solar panels since 2010. And introduced customizable solar panels designed to seamlessly integrate into existing and new greenhouses. These panels, available in four standard frame options or customizable designs, offer flexibility in placement and transparency to meet client specifications. By replacing traditional glass panels, they provide a sustainable and energy-efficient solution tailored to the unique needs of horticulture.
Paired with advanced battery systems from sister company Hermans Technipower, these panels optimize energy consumption, ensuring a reliable power supply even during periods of low sunlight. The mission with its cutting-edge energy storage solutions, reinforcing Hermans Energy Solutions commitment to sustainable technology leadership.