Welcome to GreenTech. A brand new community for the global horticulture industry. GreenTech provides concrete answers to essential questions when it comes to innovation and technology for the production of vegetables, fruit and flowers. Curious what’s cooking in the world of horticultures forefront? Tune in and watch our special business update with four special guests: Aljan de Boer and Tracey Cheung from TrendsActive, Mariska Dreschler, Group Director horticulture at RAI Amsterdam and Rob Baan, owner of Koppert Cress - an industry leader. Enjoy this half hour show, hosted by our team member Jeannette den Boer.


Growing together with Combivliet

‘Growing together with...' presents notable horticulture entrepreneurs who share their vision on optimal cooperation in...

Vialux HD-UV now also approved by BZG

Vialux HD-UV now also approved by BZG

  • By Priva
  • |
  • 02-08-2017

Good news! As of July 28, 2017, the Vialux HD-UV 8-12 has been included with the E-Line module in the BZG list of approved pu...

GreenTech Interview at Seeds and Chips 2017

A video interview with Henry Gordon-Smith at Seeds & Chips Global Summit in Milan. This interview was conducted by Jeanne...

OPAC86E Anti-condensation film is more than just energy-saving

OPAC86E Anti-condensation film is more than just energy-saving

  • By Oerlemans Plastics BV
  • |
  • 27-07-2017

The OPAC86E anti-condensate film is used to keep the energy costs as low as possible (after all, after 1 or 2 weeks of cold w...

Vertical farming at the University of Wageningen

"My name is Seppe Salari, we are currently in Wageningen and I’m studying plant sciences here. This is my home and here...

How it's done - The Dalsem story

Dalsem develops and creates complete high-tech greenhouse projects that yield the highest quality and quantity of products in...

GreenTech on the road in China

Recently Mariska Dreschler went to the Hortiflor Expo in Shanghai to get inspired of what's going on according to Horticultur...

GreenTech is the first trade fair to be approved by AIPH

GreenTech is the first trade fair to be approved by AIPH

  • By GreenTech & AIPH
  • |
  • 13-06-2017

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has granted approval to GreenTech as the first ‘Class D...

The Floating Food Farm - For healthy and sustainable food

Fresh food is no longer a dependable resource worldwide as demand for healthy and sustainable food is rising. The basis of th...

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