10 - 11 - 12 June 2025

Promotions & Visibility

In order to maximise your presence during GreenTech Amsterdam, we offer you several media solutions to get the most out of your show participation.
Lead generation, branding, product launches, and generating traffic to your booth, we are happy to share our advice in how to achieve these objectives.
Our Sales team also offer a range of tailor-made packages to suite your company's individual marketing needs and budgets.


Facade banner

Go premium by presenting your brand on a large banner and attract the attention of exhibition visitors and passers-by.

€ 12,243.00

GT run

GreenTech Run

Become a sponsor of our GreenTech Run and get extra exposure! This includes a mention in the visitor email, logo at the start/finish, a promotional spot and short speech.
€ 2,500.00

Window sticker Entrance K

The windows in entrance K can be fully branded, ideal for sponsor branding. We have 4 windows in total.

1st window: On request
3rd and 4th window (per window): € 2,565.00

Amtrium row

All the lower windows of the Amtrium building can be branded to create one big message. Together with the Amtrium tower, this results in a huge branding opportunity.

Based on one row (6 windows): € 2.379,00

Amtrium tower

Using the Amtrium? All of the windows of the Amtrium tower can be branded with vinyl. It is a great addition to the 7 sections of lower windows that are also in the image. 

€ 6,314.00

Exposure tower

A true eye-catcher, this square exposure tower is perfect for branding or referrals as it is visible to visitors when they arrive and leave the exhibition. Depending on your wishes, we can print four of the same or four different sides.

3 towers available: € 2,668.00

Flag banner

Put the wind in your sails with these banner flags - a great way to highlight your brand to visitors at the exhibition entrance.

€ 6,221.00

Floor graphics

Attract the attention of visitors more than once by letting us print your brand or image on floor stickers in the entrance area. Let your imagination loose, with options ranging from a welcoming message, footsteps that show the route to your stand or even optical illusions.

Floor graphic (1x1m) 5 per package: € 2,798.00


By sponsoring the lanyards, your company will definitely get noticed. The lanyards will be handed out by our hostesses at the main entrance.


Asphalt sticker

These outdoor floor graphics can be placed anywhere you like. You are also free to choose your own size and shape. Please be advised that the placement of this item is highly dependable on weather conditions.

5 per package (1x1m): € 948.00
2 per package (2x2m): € 1,998.00


A simple way of attracting the visitor's attention on their way to the entrance is placing signs with your brand name in front of the complex and near the entrance. This will ensure that your brand makes a clear impression as visitors make their way to and from the event.

3 Totems available: € 577.00

Banner structure Entrance K

Having your own awning in the main entrance is a highly effective way to give your brand some serious exposure. The awning has three sides which can be printed with different logos or images.

€ 8,549.00

Window sticker revolving door entrance K

Do you want to create the ultimate brand awareness? Brand the entrances to the event! People will have no choice but to see your branding as they enter the building. All of the doors and windows will be branded with vinyl on both the inside and outside. For a nice finish, the actual revolving door windows are also branded.

Only one revolving door left!: € 4,213.00

Sticker Elicium northside

The Elicium building can be branded with stickers. These graphics are very high up and can't be missed! Ask for the many examples. With the 190+ square meter L version, this will definitely catch the eye of all visitors and other people passing by.
On request

Hanging banner single-sided

Hanging banners are a great way to stand out. They can literally hang anywhere throughout the building where there are rigging points.

Only 3 positions left!: € 3,656.00

Poster A0 indoor

The power of repetition: communicate your message, participation and/or stand locations on posters placed at various locations in the exhibition complex. The posters come in an A0 format and a large, eye-catching frame.

Based on three Posters: € 227.00

RAI LIVE Narrowcasting

Your chance to share a video or logo for 10, 20 or 30 seconds on screens throughout the GreenTech Amsterdam.
Please note that the screens have no sound.

20 seconds: € 2,600.00


Go big and let us make you a custom billboard that will attract the attention of visitors and passers-by, even from longer distances. There are two sides, each for a different message.

€ 1,998.00

Sustainable chairs

Think outside the box!

These chairs are made of 100% FSC certified paperboard.

We are happy to advise on how to brand these chairs based on your wishes. 


On request

Bridge Entrance K

When standing inside Entrance K everyone will notice the bridge pointing at the First Floor restaurant.

€ 1,772.00

Partner content article

Gain the attention of your target group and increase your visibility in the market by sharing knowledge via our exhibition website. Place an article with images and content that is interesting to readers and add useful tips & tricks or other information. The article will be promoted via our monthly newsletter and a Facebook post.

€ 1,750.00

Highlighted exhibitor on homepage website

Highlight your exhibition participation by putting the spotlight on your company. We can place your company logo on our website, with the image linked directly to your company profile for additional information. Only a limited number of companies are highlighted simultaneously.

€ 700.00

Highlighted exhibitor above online exhibitor list

Attract more attention by placing your company logo on top of the exhibitor list - one of the most visited pages on our exhibition website. Your logo is also linked to your company profile for additional information, and will remain visible on the list until the next edition goes online.

€ 800.00

Exhibition app sponsor

Enhance your visibility prior and especially during the exhibition by becoming an exclusive sponsor of our event app. The practical tool for visitors providing all the relevant exhibition information. In addition to enhancing visibility, your sponsorship can also increase traffic to your stand.

Floor plan highlighting in event app

Make it easier for visitors to find your stand by highlighting its location on the floor plan in the event app and referring users directly to your company profile for more information.

€ 450.00

Logo in online exhibitor list on website

For extra visibility, include your company logo next to the name on the digital exhibitor list. The logo links directly to your company profile for additional information.

€ 800.00

Social Media post

This format allows you to put a spotlight on your company. Use our Social Media network by posting a content piece via our page. The content is provided as a social media post; a short text combined with a visual.

€ 850.00

Video on booth

Video interview

A video item is perfect for demonstrating products, supplying information or sharing knowledge. We offer you the opportunity to record your own video item during the event and can arrange the entire production process. We will then promote your video via our various exhibition channels and provide it to you separately for sharing yourself.

€ 2,100.00

Horizontal Category banner

Positioning/branding companies against specific topic as technology / solution provider reaching a specific international target group. 

€ 1,000.00

Homepage banner

The Leaderboard banner can be used for branding, announcing new product, connecting to a theme/ topic etc. Great way of reaching a wide global audience of professionals. 

Greentech Global: €1,500.00
Greentech Amsterdam: €1,500.00
Greentech Americas: € 1,500.00

Article side bar ad

Branding within content, align yourself with the best stories and reaching a wide global audience professionals.

€ 600.00


Promopoint: Promotioneel flyerteam (max. 4 pers.)

Have a fully briefed team promote your brand, product or message. You can employ them to send visitors to your stand or start a dialogue about your brand. Handing out samples or flyers will bring arriving and departing visitors into contact with your brand as well.

€ 2,700.00

Promopoint: Placing a promotional object

Promote your brand by placing a marketing object of your choice near the main entrance. For example, a stickered or inflatable car can be a great way to attract attention and start a dialogue about your brand.

€ 2,600.00


Promopoint: Placing promotional object with flyerteam (max. 4 pers.)

Get the best of both worlds and have a flyer team hand out samples or flyers, send visitors to your stand and/or stimulate a dialogue with your eye-catching and attention-grabbing marketing object.

€ 4,000.00

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