10 - 11 - 12 June 2025

What is GreenTech all about?

GreenTech, the distinctive platform for horticulture

GreenTech is the platform of choice for horticulture with a focus on technology and innovation, where knowledge is richly shared and the industry comes together for three days. With its knowledge programme widely supported by visitors, exhibitors and stakeholders, GreenTech distinguishes itself from other events in the industry. The inspiring knowledge programme is spread over five theatres and can rightly be called the heart of the exhibition.

This year's theme is 'Happy Food, Healthy Flowers' and contributes to global health developments, which have accelerated as a result of the epidemic. Naturally, the focus lies on the positive consequences of this disruptive period. Many shifts are taking place in the industry, the chain is changing and so it’s fair to say, that new business opportunities are emerging.

A unique platform to profile your company

Anyone who will set foot at GreenTech within the RAI Amsterdam needs to divide their attention over a variety of knowledge sessions. Each of these sessions forms a unique possibility to exchange knowledge and the opportunity to profile your company among prospects within the industry.

Four pillars to lay your eyes on

In other words, GreenTech inspires, excites and connects growers & breeders, suppliers and investors in the field of cultivation. Everything at GreenTech 2025 can be traced back to four pillars, which form the blueprint of the exhibition, namely within the centre Crops (Vegetables, Soft Fruits, Flowers and Medicinal Cannabis), Water, Energy and People.

Theme pillars GreenTech


The changing climate is obviously high on everyone's agenda and rapidly changing technology and R&D solutions have a major impact on cultivation. The Crops theme at GreenTech Amsterdam, houses these innovative solutions and provides insight into best practices, as well as inspiration for growing new crops.


The importance of water will not be underestimated and is, therefore, one of the four main themes during GreenTech Amsterdam. Water on its own brings challenges in the form of scarcity around desalinated water. This is something that must be brought to the attention of everyone as soon as possible. GreenTech contributes to this, by helping companies to successfully find new products and solutions in the field of water supply and usage in greenhouses.


A point of attention for every horticulture professional is without any doubt the theme 'Energy'. It represents a large part of the operating costs and also in terms of climate change, Energy made its appearance on stage already a while ago. As a result, more and more environmentally friendly initiatives are emerging. GreenTech Amsterdam provides professionals opportunities to share and gain knowledge on these ever-changing energy solutions.


Where crops would be without people, equals the question of where mankind would be without the sun. Without people, no cultivation! People are the driving force in horticulture and any other industry, that much is clear. Within the theme People, GreenTech Amsterdam zooms in on human capital development and labour challenges in the market.