Bayer Nunhems Tour | 14 June

Thursday June 14 - Bayer Nunhems Lettuce and Tomato Tour
09:00 Departure from GreenTech Amsterdam
10:00 Visit Nunhems demo center Kwinstheul
10:15 Presentation Nunhems Vegetable Seeds
* Taste presentation
* Slow Juicer workshop
* Colour and quality presentation
* Greenhouse tour
12:00-13:00 Lunch with Green Egg
13:05 Transfer to Nunhems’ experimental greenhouse for Hydroponic Lettuce in s’Gravenzande
13:30 Hydroponic Lettuce presentation and tour
14:45 End
16:00 Arrival at GreenTech Amsterdam

Bejo Organic Farmers Tours | 13 - 14 June


9:00 Departure from RAI Amsterdam

10.30 Visit Lepelaar Biodynamic Farm Shop
The Lepelaar is not only a very popular biodynamic farm shop but also is a substantial grower of biodynamic vegetables in the area. Attached to the farm shop the company has storage and processing facilities for a wide assortment of vegetables.

11.30 Tour Bejo Zaden seed processing
Bejo Zaden will offer you a tour through the seed processing facilities and seed production greenhouses. During this tour visitors will learn more about the differences between organic and conventional seed processing a will have a better understanding of the importance to start with organic certified seed.

12.30 Lunch at Bejo Zaden

14.00 Visit organic vegetable demo field
This organic demonstration field has a novel integrated approach where four different organic farmers in the area are each contributing to the crop rotation cycle at this demofield. At this Organic Vegetable Demofield Bejo Zaden will show the visitor the earliest varieties in its organic assortment.

15.00 Visit Huiberts organic flowerbulbs
Huiberts organic flowerbulbs is the first organic flowerbulb grower in the Netherlands and an example to the whole sector. During this visit John Huiberts will explain the visitor the process he went through and the steps he took to make this achievement possible.

16.00 Departure to RAI

17.30 Arrival at RAI

Schedule Nautilus Organic | 14 June


Together with Nautilus we organize a tour to 3 biodynamic greenhouse farms of Frank de Koning. Frank runs a modern biodynamic greenhouse farm with four locations on the former Dutch island Voorne-Putten. He is member of the organic growers association Nautilus, that is responsible for marketing of the products. Frank grows among other different varieties of  sweet peppers, wild tomatoes, egg plant and more than four types of cucumber.

9.30 Departure by bus from GreenTech Amsterdam / TOFF

10.45 Arrival at the first garden with tomatoes and sweet peppers.

11.45 - 12.45 Lunch at the farm

12.45 - 16.00 Site visits 2nd and 3rd garden with egg plant,cucumber and other crops

16.00 Departure to GreenTech Amsterdam / TOFF

17.30 Approximately arrival in Amsterdam

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