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The world is struggling, and our sector is experiencing a difficult time. Therefore, for the next few weeks, GreenTech offers you the possibility to put a spotlight on your brand, free of charge. Below you'll find 10 questions. You can answer any three, in paragraphs of about 150 words each. Then feel free to add an extra paragraph to share any information you like, about your company. You can add a video, your logo and a photo (landscape and high resolution), so we can combine everything, and share it for our online audience to see.


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  • What is the biggest challenge (in which part of the chain) for your company, during this pandemic?
  • How do you expect this current crisis will change your sector for the long term?
  • What kind of institutions / organizations should become (more) involved to help the horticulture sector?
  • How can companies assist each other at this moment?
  • What is the silver lining for either your company or the sector?
  • What short-term changes need to be made to make sure business will continue?
  • What should the industry do differently from now on?
  • What should the government do to help prevent economic struggles from big impact events such as this, in the future?
  • How could robotics/automation support human workers during a crisis such as this?
  • How can the GreenTech platform help you?