GreenTech Americas
21 - 22 - 23 March 2023


Federico Aguilar, Sales and Implementation Manager, Latin America,

Electronics Engineer with a specialization in Industrial Control and Robotics, graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro and an MBA. in Marketing from the Universidad TecMilenio. With extensive experience in the field of automation and software, he has been immersed in the evolution of the industry and the internet of things since he graduated as an engineer in 2009. In his most recent experience, as Sales and Implementation Manager at, he has driven the use of new technologies in protected agriculture, such as: artificial intelligence, image processing, autonomous support systems for growing strategies. He participated as translator for the Spanish version of the book "Growing by Plant Empowerment, the basic principles", a discipline in which he has also been educated in recent years.

Francisco Alberico, Commercial Director, Distribuidora de Sustratos Agrícolas

A biologist by profession, he managed an insect breeding project for nine years. Passionate entrepreneur of substrates for more than seventeen years, he has been in charge of sales, formulations, marketing and product development for more than one company in the industry. He currently manages DISA, a leading company in agricultural substrates and complements for the development of crops in protected agriculture.

Fernando Alfaro, General Manager, Stolze Mexico

Guanajuato businessman and founder of STOLZE Mexico since 2012. Company that has collaborated with the most important greenhouse companies to supply irrigation, heating, electrification and automation equipment of the highest quality. Currently with his team of more than 50 collaborators; they provide systems to more than 200ha per year and constantly growing.

Juan Pablo Andrade, Agribusiness Manager, Grupo Bimbo

Agronomist graduated from the Universidad Veracruzana with 18 years of field experience in horticultural and cereal production with a specialization in nutrition and integrated management of pests, diseases and weeds. He has a diploma in horticultural production under protected environments, and specialized courses in different crops such as tomato, chili peppers (jalapeño, habanero, bell pepper and serrano), avocado, chia, corn, wheat, potato and is a crop advisor certified by the American Society of America. He is currently part of the purchasing team of Grupo Bimbo in Mexico as Agribusiness Manager, where he has performed functions as responsible for the purchase of the main inputs of agricultural origin and has been in charge since the beginning 4 years ago of the production programs under regenerative agriculture in our country in wheat and corn in the states of Jalisco, Sinaloa and Sonora, as well as special projects focused on the generation of value chains with different participants in production, where generating benefits for producers has been a priority, accompany them and promote the implementation of practices that allow them to be more sustainable with the environment. Part of its activities is to search for new technologies applicable to the field and measure the benefits over time of regenerative agriculture practices, new plant varieties that may have higher productivity and increase the profitability of farmers.

Jesús Arévalo, General Director, Intagri

Agronomist engineer, soil specialist, graduated with honours from the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo with a master's degree from the Universidad de Almería (Spain). Certified Agricultural Advisor by the Agronomy Society. Advisor, trainer and consultant on crop nutrition in different regions of Mexico and in some Latin American countries. He collaborated with the Fertilab laboratory generating fertilisation recommendations based on soil analysis and later in the generation of their first software for recommendations. He is a member of the Soil Science Society of America and the Mexican Society of Soil Science.

Sjaak Bakker, Managing Director, Ridder Growing Solutions

Member of the Board of Directors and CEO since March 2017, he is responsible for innovations, production and distribution of solutions related to process automation (climate controllers), water management and treatment systems, labor management systems and data-driven solutions. At 52 years old and with roots in the horticulture business since 1996, he has been an active member of key Dutch and internationally oriented technology providers in the industry for the last 18 years. His experience as an engineer gives him the opportunity to understand the needs and requirements of professional growers and motivates him to create a balance between local needs and adaptable solutions. As for his personal beliefs they are strongly related to creating and establishing an even more adaptable solution for producers by joining forces and relevant experience. Challenging global water issues and how producers can manage and maximize their yields inspires him to help producers grow in their own way.

Fermin Barberena, Nursery, and Special Projects Director, CEICKOR University Center

Specialist and consultant in the management of protected crops. He received training in horticultural techniques in Wageningen, the Netherlands (2011), hydroponic tomato production in export-quality greenhouses (Agros, 2002), and biological control and hive management (Koppert). Director of the Nursery and Special Projects of CEICKOR (2013 to date). Professor of the subject of Hydraulics Applied to Research, Engineering in Protected Agriculture, CEICKOR University. Founder and Operational Manager of the Rapel company, dedicated to the production of vegetables in greenhouses, and of the Rapel Agricultural Institute, A.C. (2005-2012). Technical advisor and technical assistant at the Agros company (2002-2008), where he was responsible for climate, physiology, and fertilization strategies. He was part of a kibbutz run by Antonio Hortelano (Guanajuato, Mexico, 1993-2002), where he was in charge of greenhouses for hydroponic tomato, hydroponic pepper, hydroponic European cucumber, as well as milk production and livestock management.

Olmo Axayacatl Bastida, Agroexport Specialist, ProducePay

Graduated in "Agricultural Mechanical Engineering" at the University of Chapingo, and has a master's degree in "Science in Horticulture" from the same institution. He has more than 10 years of experience in research, communication and training in the agricultural industry. He is currently an Agroexport Specialist at ProducePay, where he generates useful content aimed at agricultural producers, distributors and various actors in the agribusiness. He began his career in education as a director and teacher at the Institute of Education in Apaseo el Alto. Subsequently, he complemented his knowledge in the industry by specializing in berry production within the Driscoll's company; he then developed as an independent consultant. Throughout his career, he has understood the importance of communication and information of the agricultural sector among diverse audiences, which has become one of his main objectives. Over the years, he has also complemented his professional training with diploma courses such as "Greenhouse production" and "Berry production".

Alfredo Díaz Belmontes, General Director, AMHPAC

Agricultural Engineer and Administrator graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey and holds a Master's degree in Economic Development from the University of California, Davis, U.S.A. He also serves as President of the Board of Directors of the AMHPAC Insurance Fund. U.S.A. He also currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AMHPAC Insurance Fund, and is an Independent Director on the Board of Directors of the company Agricultura Controlada (AGRICO). He was State Delegate of the Federal Secretariat of Social Development in the State of Sinaloa and previously served as Northwest Regional Director of Agricultural Marketing Support and Services (ASERCA/SAGARPA). In addition, he worked as an official of BANOBRAS in Baja California and later as Delegate in the state of Sinaloa of the same Institution. It is worth mentioning that since 2003 he has been a professor teaching various subjects in important educational institutions such as the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey and the Universidad de Occidente, both in the Culiacán Campus. In 2002 he founded and directed Inmobiliaria Las Fincas, S.A. de C.V. and to date he has participated as an agricultural producer and shareholder in several agricultural companies.
Jelle Boeters

Jelle Boeters, Sales Manager, Filclair

He started his career in the greenhouse business more than 12 years ago. Working for Stolze, focusing on irrigation systems for the Dutch market. After the economic crisis of 2008, he started working for Patron/Enthoven oriented for the Dutch market, but very soon he started exporting and was involved in many projects all over the world. In 2013 he had the opportunity to work for Stolze one of the leading installation companies in the world, with more than 140 employees at the moment being responsible for the American and Canadian market. By 2020 he started at Filclair, responsible for all installations in greenhouses. With his knowledge and the help of the great Filclair team we can offer tailor-made solutions for all types of installations. He was born and raised in Westland, the main greenhouse area in the Netherlands and at the age of 34, he has two children, a four-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy.

Jose Luis Bustamante, President, Aneberries

Agronomist with more than 30 years’ experience in the produce business, the last 14 in the Mexican Berry industry, has professional experience from farming to market, especially in the Mexican exports to the USA and Canada. He worked for Del Monte Fresh Produce developing diversified export products such as avocados for the far East and Europe, melons and seedless limes for the North America market as well as Japan and France. At his tenure with Hortifrut he saw and participated in the rapid growth of blueberries in Central Mexico from 2007 to 2011. Currently he is the General Manager for Naturipe Berry Growers in Mexico and member of their executives’ committee, Naturberry (the Mexican company) manages 900 hectares with more than 80 growers (strawberry only) in multiple locations, with full P&L responsibilities. President of the Executive Committee of Aneberries (Asociación Nacional de Exportadores de Berries A.C.), period 2020 – 2022.

Ahmed Chaín, Manager Director, Invermex

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, with more than 20 years of experience in the management of Invermex and with the AD2 Senior Management Programme of IPADE.

Julian Candanosa, Director of Engineering and Technology, Nature Sweet

With more than 30 years of experience in the food industry, metal mechanics and paper transformation; for the last 11 years in agribusiness, he has been Director of Maintenance, Packaging Operations and for the last 5 years as Director of Engineering where he has led the development of new packaging technologies, development of new products and technologies for the construction of new plants and greenhouses, his passion since he joined Nature Sweet is to transform the lives of workers in agriculture.

Maximiliano Dorantes, Technical Director, MicroPrime

He holds a degree in Food Industry Engineering from the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) with a major in Food Biochemistry from the University of Kansas, USA, and later a Master's degree in Senior Management from the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. He has more than 21 years of experience in the chemical and food industry in the development of formulations and processes applied to agribusiness, as well as in microbiological control systems based on biocides. Since 2015 he is the Technical Director of the company MicroPrime specialized in microbiological control applied to agriculture.

Montserrat Duarte, General Manager, Plantanova

Biochemical Engineer and Administrator in Food Processing from the Tec de Monterrey, she holds an MBA from the EGADE Business School of the Tec de Monterrey, as well as a Master's Degree in Banking and Finance from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. He is a life member of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society. He has more than 22 years of experience in agribusiness, 19 of them in management and executive positions, and is currently General Manager at Plantanova and HortiConnect.

Hugo Escoto, Director of Projects and Technological Innovation, Finka

He holds a Master's degree in Crop Protection from the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Horticulture de Versailles, France and is an Agricultural Engineer in Production from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, ITESM.

Georgina Felix, Director of International Affairs and Operations, Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, FPAA

She holds a Master's degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Administrative Engineering from the University of Celaya. She has been working for almost two decades on the facilitation of agricultural exports from Mexico to North America. Together with the National Mango Council in the USA, she created the first database of mango producers and associations in the Americas. He participated in lobbying meetings as an industry representative during the TMEC negotiations. In addition, his work includes the improvement of infrastructure at border ports, customs facilitation programmes such as joint clearance, improvements in inspection processes for perishable goods through non-intrusive equipment and training of personnel at customs and inspection points. In addition, she promotes through governmental institutions and producer associations the knowledge of official and unofficial rules and measures that North American markets require for the importation and marketing of fruit and vegetable products (Food Safty Modernization Act, Tomato Suspension Agreement, Seasonality, Social Responsibility, etc.). She currently works as Director of Operations and International Affairs for the FPAA, an association that brings together the main importers and distributors of fruit and vegetables in the United States. In addition to promoting international relations with government institutions and producer associations, she develops information for trade facilitation. Previously, she worked in the General Coordination of Trade Promotion and Export Promotion, where she was responsible for the Working Group for the promotion of Exports, formed by different governmental institutions and the National Agricultural Council. And the area of export promotion of Mexican floriculture.

Felipe Garziera, Global Market Development Manager, SQM International N.V.

A Brazilian agronomist trained at the State University of Bahia in Brazil, with a specialization in irrigated tropical fruit growing from the same university, he has more than 20 years working with irrigation and fertigation. Due to his position as Global Market Development Manager for SQM International, he has a strong background in plant nutrition with vast field experience supporting projects in more than 30 countries. He is also a mango and grape grower in the São Francisco river valley in northeastern Brazil.

Raúl González, Professor and Advisor to the General Directorate, Centro Universitario CEICKOR

D. in Communication from Ohio University, Master's Degree in Journalism from the University of Iowa and Bachelor's Degree in Communication from the Tec de Monterrey. He is currently a part-time professor and advisor to the General Management at Centro Universitario CEICKOR. He has been a consultant in communication and organizational development for 20 years. He has taught at the Maastricht Center for Transatlantic Studies in the Netherlands, ITESM in Lima and Buenos Aires, U. Southern New Hampshire, Universidad Autónoma de Qro, UVM, UNIVA and Universidad Marista.

Joel Hernández, President, SMEAP

Agronomist in Protected Horticulture from the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, with a Diploma in Applied Horticulture and Horticultural Operations from Olds College and Junior Greenhouse Technician Training from Windset Farms in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. Co-founder of SMEAP and currently developing in the commercial area of the same, besides being an advisor in horticultural production in protected agriculture projects in 4 countries (Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Paraguay). Speaker in several courses, congresses and seminars in Mexico and abroad.

Michael Hanan, Director of Commercial Agriculture Sales, Fluence by OSRAM

He has worked in the controlled environment agriculture industry for a decade, first as a grower and owner of a leafy green vegetable and herb farm in Austin, Texas, and most recently as Director of North American comm ag Sales for Fluence by OSRAM. He has worked on a wide range of projects, from indoor vertical farms and a 150+ acre high-tech greenhouse, to biopharmaceutical manufacturing. His passion is finding more sustainable, productive and profitable ways to grow crops through technology and design.

Jeff Joudrey, Grower Adivisor, Grodan

Jeff Joudrey graduated from Niagara College in 2013 with a degree in Greenhouse Technology, being passionate about plants. On par with college, completed a Co-op at Harrow Research and Development Centre, the largest greenhouse research facility in North America. He started working as a scout out of university at Great Northern Hydroponics, a large high-tech tomato greenhouse located in Kingsville, Ontario, after 6 months, he was promoted to greenhouse supervisor, managing both labor and harvest and 8 months later, he was promoted to assistant grower. By 2015 he had earned the title of Grower, responsible for 50 acres and 12 different varieties of tomatoes. In 2016 he moved to another greenhouse, where he grew tomatoes and high wire cucumbers, was MCM's lead grower, as well as the IPM Coordinator and responsible for labor/harvesting. For several harvests, he grew high quality beef and tov tomatoes in Grodan rockwool, as well as mini highwire cucumbers. In late 2017, the greenhouse he worked for received permission to grow medical cannabis and he remained the lead grower for Natura Naturals, which was renamed High Park for the duration of the cannabis production. All cannabis was grown in rockwool. In 2020, he joined the Grodan team and has since been advising growers on best practice irrigation strategy for their specific crop and any given stage.

Camelia Lamadrid, Professor and Academic Coordinator, Centro Universitario CEICKOR

Master's Degree in Philosophy from UNAM. Degree in Philosophy from the University of Guanajuato. Currently Professor and Academic Coordinator, Centro Universitario CEICKOR. Professor, workshop leader and cultural promoter for more than 15 years. She concluded the canon of 12 courses of the educational system Semiology of Everyday Life with Dr. Alfonso Ruiz Soto. Facilitator of workshops on leadership, communication, self-knowledge and work teams for agricultural companies. Speaker at the GreenTech Americas Expo Congress 2021 edition.

Marc Knulst

MBA. With a background in Technical Business Administration and a passion for nature, combined with experience in software development, allows him to make a significant contribution to this inspiring world.
Marc Knulst, Director de Desarrollo Comercial, Mprise / Agriware. MBA. Con formación en Administración Técnica de Empresas y su pasión por la naturaleza, combinada con la experiencia en el desarrollo de software, le permiten hacer una contribución significativa a este mundo tan inspirador.

Alfredo Díaz Lara, Professor and Researcher, Department of Bioengineering, School of Engineering and Sciences, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro 

D. in Botany and Ph.D. in Phytopathology from Oregon State University in the United States. During 2017-2020 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California-Davis. He has published more than 25 scientific articles in international journals, most of them as lead author, as well as several book chapters. His research on plant pathogenic viruses involves the use of molecular techniques, including next-generation sequencing. In 2020, he joined the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro as a research professor in the Department of Bioengineering, School of Engineering and Sciences. He is a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI) and an active member of the American Phytopathological Society (APS).

Arjan van Leest, Coordinator Product Management and Commercial Projects, Jiffy Products International.

Degree in Horticulture with specialization in Plant Protection graduated from Wageningen University. At 53 years of age, he has 25 years in the coconut industry and 12 years at Jiffy Products International. For 10 years he has been Hydroponic Product Manager - 3 years Applied Researcher at Wageningen University (Wageningen UR), 2 years at Solution Support Coordination as Director Product Management and Segment Managers, and 1 year at SGS as an auditor.

Kyle Lisabeth, Vice President of Horticulture, Silver Bullet Water Treatments

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Environmental Science from the University of Texas. With over 15 years of experience, he has focused on improving water management programmes across multiple industries, with a core focus on water treatment for reuse applications to ensure water quality and plant expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Ernesto Machorro, Pest and Disease Manager, Finka

Agronomist specializing in Agricultural Parasitology from Universidad Autónoma Chapingo in 1996. He is currently pest and disease manager at Finka Ahuehuetes, a leading and innovative company in tomato and cucumber production in high-tech greenhouses in Agropark and San Juan del Río, Querétaro. He specializes in the integrated management of pests and diseases in tomato, lettuce, cucumber and pepper crops in greenhouses since 1992 thanks to his participation in different companies such as Grupo Campus, Agros Lechuga, Bionatur Invernaderos Biológicos de México and now Finka. Among his most significant achievements are the successful management of challenging phytosanitary problems such as tomato bacterial canker by Clavibacter michiganensis sbsp. michiganensis (Cmm), Tomato chlorotic dwarfing viroid (TCDVd) and Mexican potato viroid (MPMVd), Cucumber mosaic virus (PepMV) and Tomato rough brown fruit virus (ToBRFV) in tomato crops. In 2019, he achieved certification for organic production of mini pointed pepper for Bionatur Invernaderos Biológicos de México under the Oregon Tilth scheme. A greenhouse crop protection professional who, in addition to keeping phytosanitary problems under control, also participates responsibly in the maintenance of the Primus GSF and zero pesticide residue certification systems for the production of nutritious food free of risks for the consumer with the least possible impact on the environment and who values the participation of his collaborators.
Aaron Magenheim

Aaron Magenheim, CEO, Growers Insight.

Entrepreneur who grew up in California Agriculture and has become a global industry leader working across the Agriculture and Technology nexus. As CEO and co-founder, his companies Growers Insight and AgTech Insight specialize in business process mapping and innovation strategy by aligning business, people, data, and technology. As a realistic boots-on-the-ground expert, he leads diverse teams advising growers, food companies, Corporates, Governments, NGO's, investors, and startups on building successful ecosystems leveraging technology, and best processes and practices throughout the Agri-Food supply chain.

Rémi Maglione, Co-founded, Harvest Genomics.

PhD scientist, brewed in France and Canada, with high-end skills in the meta-genomic and DNA sequencing space. Driven by a will to bring his expertise as a scientist-entrepreneur to the agriculture sector, he co-founded Harvest Genomics in 2019, a Canadian company dedicated to providing genomic plant breeding and testing solutions for agriculture, food production, and food safety. Thanks to his bioinformatic and portable genomics knowledge, he invented TomatoViroGenomicsTM in 2020, a sequencing-based test to accurately detect ToBRFV (Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus – a deadly and financially devastating virus). With Harvest Genomics he deployed this test in the Canadian and American greenhouse market to great business success in 2021. Remi is currently working on a project to bring portable genomics services to every farm and greenhouse for fast and multiple pest and pathogen detection at once. Find out more at:

Mauricio Manotas, Chief Revenue Officer, Ecoation

He has more than 20 years of experience in protected agriculture in addition to his engineering degree and further studies in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Colombia. He has also served on the board of directors of the NGMA (Greenhouse Manufacturers Association of America) and received a philanthropy award from the City of Charlotte a couple of years ago for his efforts and support of underprivileged schools. Most recently, he was the president of Ludvig Svensson for the Americas, leading the company to triple its sales in the continent. He currently serves as CRO of the agricultural artificial intelligence company Ecoation.

Federico Martínez, President, CONMEXFLOR

Agricultural Engineer graduated from the Tec de Monterrey. He has 35 years of experience as a producer of ornamental plants. Member of the Technical Support Group of Ornamentals and Forestry of SNICS since 2000. Member of the Macro Network of Ornamentals of SINAREFI since its foundation in 2002. Promoter of respect for plant breeders' rights. Author of five manuals, articles for specialized magazines and several cultivation guides for ornamental plants.

Juan Enrique Labastida, Marketing Specialist, Enza Zaden Mexico

Responsible for marketing and communication for Mexico. With more than 20 years of experience in the vegetable industry, especially seeds.

Daniel Leobardo Ochoa Martínez, Profesor Investigador - Titular Especialidad de Fitopatología, Colegio de Postgraduados

Agricultural Engineer, FES-Cuautitlán, UNAM. Master and PhD in Phytopathology, Postgraduate in Phytosanitary-Phytopathology, Colegio de Postgraduados (CP). He is currently Research Professor of the Phytopathology specialty at the CP, responsible for the Laboratory of Phytopathogenic Viruses and member of the National System of Researchers Level I.

Saber Miresmailli, CEO and Founder, Canadian Agricultural Technology and Innovation Company Ecoation

Ph.D. in Plant Sciences from the University of British Columbia. Postdoctoral studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before beginning his academic and commercial career, he grew vegetables in open fields and then in greenhouses. He received the 2015 IAFBC Excellence in Agricultural Innovation Award, the 2016 North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Innovation Award and the 2017 BC Tech Summit AgTech Challenge Award. He was an advisor to the BC Minister of Agriculture (Minister Letnick), was a member of the Vancouver Food Policy Council, a representative to the UN Climate Technology Centre, joined the high SDG forum at the UN and ran several projects funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates' Foundation in West Africa to help smallholder farmers. Prior to Ecoation, he was chief scientific officer of Sumatics LLC, an international sustainable development corporation in New York and a member of the innovation and science panel of EcoSMART in Georgia. Extensive experience in projects related to GHG emissions mitigation and sustainable agriculture. He was named in the Top Forty Under 40 in the 2017 BIV list. Under his leadership, Ecoation received first prize at the NVBC New Venture Competition in 2017 and was the first Canadian startup to win the GreenTech Innovation Award in Amsterdam in 2018. He believes strongly in supporting farmers and helping people around the world access technology that ensures clean food for all. His wife Maryam is the company's CTO, and one of his favorite hobbies is making his own hot sauce.

Homero Ontiveros, Founding Director, AgTech America

Industrial Engineer with graduate studies in International Management from Harvard University. He found his true professional passion in the horticultural industry, dedicating himself for more than 20 years to the generation and dissemination of information on new agricultural technologies to boost the growth of high-value crop exports in Mexico and Latin America. He has extensive experience managing specialised agricultural media and organising congresses and exhibitions in this sector. For 17 years, he directed the growth and consolidation of the magazine Productores de Hortalizas en México y Centroamérica and its website He successfully organised the International Tomato Congress for 10 consecutive years, the Bio Controles Mexico event and the Fresh Connections Mexico and Fresh Connections Central America events in conjunction with the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) in 2012 and 2013. Since 2018 he serves as Founding Director of AgTech America, an agricultural communication consulting firm focused on the dissemination of information and technology through digital media, has advised countless agricultural technology companies in their communication and marketing efforts, and has been a consultant for GreenTech since 2018.

Ricardo Martínez Ortiz, Managing Director & Founder, Asesores en Invernaderos

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Administration from Tecnológico de Monterrey, with studies in Administration, Logistics, Finance and Senior Management. His professional development has been in the area of logistics and sales, starting his professional life in 1991 working in the largest open pit Silver Mine in Latin America (Minera Real de Angeles) where he was in charge of the Purchasing Department of the Beneficiation Plant. In 1993 in Aguascalientes he was in charge of the Purchasing, Shipping, Warehouse and Imports Departments of the San Marcos Textile Group. In 1999, he was in charge of the start-up of the production plant of Intercarton in Toluca, as Plant Manager. In August 2000, he started his career in Protected Horticulture in Mexico when he joined the company Agros, the first High Technology Greenhouse in Mexico, as Logistics Manager from 2000 to 2006. In 2006 he founded ASESORES EN INVERNADEROS, a leading company and a reference in the greenhouse market in Mexico, of which he is the General Director to date.

Ronaldus Peters, Consultant, TOBRFV

Started as an assistant grower in 1977 and as a grower in 1978; one year later he started as an independent entrepreneur, cucumber grower. By 1984 he was already a cucumber grower and propagator and by 1990 a full time propagator. Since 2008 he has been a propagation consultant and started greenhouse trial installations from 2009 to date. He has a virus consultancy from 2015 until now; in 2021 deep flow water culture spinach in 2021 and by 2022 for dynamic lettuce cultivation.

Erik J. Plaisier, Agricultural Counsellor for Mexico and Cuba Agricultural Office Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Master in Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since August 2019, Erik is responsible for facilitating trade in agricultural products, technology and services between the Netherlands and Mexico (and Cuba), and fostering Mexican-Dutch collaboration to promote circular agriculture in Mexico. Erik worked in the field of international development cooperation for 18 years, for organisations including the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) of the Netherlands, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. Its main areas of focus have been SME promotion, international trade and agribusiness with a geographical focus on Latin America (Mexico, Central America and the Andean countries).

Rafael Pizarro, Director, Natura Quality Foods

Agricultural engineer graduated from the Tec de Monterrey. He has been involved in vegetable production in protected agriculture for more than 20 years. This journey began in Murcia, Spain, where he specialized in the design and installation of greenhouses and fertigation systems. Upon his return to Mexico, he dedicated himself to the production of tomato and cucumber in high-tech greenhouses. He has been production advisor for several companies in Mexico and for the last 10 years he has been managing Natura Quality Foods, a company dedicated to the production of seedlings, cucumbers and specialty tomatoes, certified in Fair Trade, SMETA, Primus, Senasica. He has given several courses and lectures at conferences on Integrated Greenhouse Management, as well as on Perspectives of Protected Agriculture in Mexico.

Hugo Rubilí Roblero Ramírez, Technical Development Manager, Greenhow

Master of Science in the area of Plant Nutrition from the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Integral Regional Development (CIIDIR-Unidad Sinaloa-IPN) and Agronomist with specialization in soil sciences, graduated from the Autonomous Agrarian University Antonio Narro (UAAAN-Unidad Saltillo). He has attended international congresses, courses and seminars related to plant nutrition and physiology, as well as being a speaker focused on plant nutrition. In the last eleven years he has been dedicated to develop activities related to the integral and effective nutrition of intensive crops such as avocado, berries, vegetables, among others. He is currently manager of technical development in the company Comercializadora Greenhow S.A. de C.V. where he conducts technical training with greenhouse growers on the development of efficient and profitable nutritional solutions based on the different conditions of each crop. Technical training talks to field managers, technical support to the commercial team, development of new products, interpretation of soil and irrigation water analysis for the generation of nutrition programmes.

Barthélémy Richel, Director General Richel Americas, Richel Group

Engineer in thermal and humid air physics, he has worked for the Richel Group for more than 13 years, developing projects of various crops throughout the Americas, with the support and expertise of the Richel Group. The path has led him to work on and build several cannabis production projects. The legal change in process in Mexico confirms a worldwide trend making this the right time to learn about the cultivation of medicinal plants.
Pharis Rico

Pharis Rico, Managing Director Horticonnect NL

Located in the dynamic city of Querétaro, in the heart of Mexico and represented in Naaldwijk in the Netherlands; Horticonnect is a business platform linking Dutch companies supplying technology and knowledge tailored to the requirements of the vibrant Mexican horticultural sector. Together with its creative, multicultural and energetic team, Horticonnect takes on the challenging task of making a substantial difference to the profitability and success of its customers, tailoring specific solutions and helping to connect the opportunities available in the fast-growing horticultural sector by developing synergies and integrated solutions for the professional greenhouse grower. He has established different collaborations with United Farms, a pioneer in tomato and cucumber production in high-tech greenhouse environments, testing and developing technology and systems according to Mexican conditions. He is a partner of Plant Factory, a group of nurseries dedicated to the propagation of vegetable plants and in his spare time, he competes in extreme triathlons and cycling events.

Ben Sosef, General Manager, Royal Brinkman Mexico

Graduated in International Business and Languages from the University of Rotterdam. Born in Westland, the heart of Dutch horticulture, he worked in the vegetable and cut flower greenhouses as a child during school holidays. In 2010 he started working in the export of horticultural inputs and machinery and since the end of 2013 he started the Royal Brinkman Mexico project in the city of Querétaro. Royal Brinkman Mexico serves the entire Mexican Republic with a team of specialists and technicians in different branches of horticulture such as crop change, crop care, mechanisation, crop protection and disinfection, technical projects, auxiliary products, packaging and design. He is passionate about horticulture and has managed to share his passion and taste with collaborators, clients and friends.

Ben Sosef, General Manager, Royal Brinkman Mexico

Graduated in International Business and Languages from the University of Rotterdam. Born in Westland, the heart of Dutch horticulture, he worked in the vegetable and cut flower greenhouses as a child during school holidays. In 2010 he started working in the export of horticultural inputs and machinery and since the end of 2013 he started the Royal Brinkman Mexico project in the city of Querétaro. Royal Brinkman Mexico serves the entire Mexican Republic with a team of specialists and technicians in different branches of horticulture such as crop change, crop care, mechanisation, crop protection and disinfection, technical projects, auxiliary products, packaging and design. He is passionate about horticulture and has managed to share his passion and taste with collaborators, clients and friends.

Niels Schellingerhout, Business Development Director - Mexico, Moleaer Inc

He brought his extensive experience in water management to Mexico, where he is responsible for Moleaer's regional sales and development. He enjoys working on challenging projects that require an innovative approach. Niels graduated in mechanical engineering and industrial management in the Netherlands and now leverages his knowledge to help clients achieve their goals and grow through sustainable and technologically advanced solutions.

Daniele Spagnol, CEO/Owner, Spagnol SRL

Industrial technician, with experience in the automation sector since his academic training, as well as in his professional career. For 35 years, he has been designing and leading the development of new technologies, innovation and automation in greenhouses. He is an expert in applying know-how and cutting-edge technologies for eco-sustainable agriculture in protected agriculture.

Edison Torrado-León, General Director and Founder, ENTOMA Institute

Biologist with postgraduate studies in biology-entomology and scientific video production. He is the founder of Naturavisión, a company specializing in scientific photography and video, and the ENTOMA Institute, an academic and scientific center that is structured with audiovisual productions; he is a professor at the National University of Colombia and scientific researcher and disseminator in entomology, especially in the biology and behavior of pests.
Alfonso Torres

Alfonso Torres, General Director, Koppert Mexico

Bachelor in Biology from the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ); Master in Biological Sciences (Environmental Biology) from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; PhD in Biological Sciences (Biotic Resources Management) from the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. In 2002 he started his professional career at Koppert Mexico as Research and Development Coordinator. In 2004, he became NATUPOL Production Manager and in 2006 Research and Development Manager for North America. From 2009 to 2017 he served as Director of Production and Research & Development (R&D). Finally, in November 2017 he became General Manager of Koppert Mexico, a responsibility he still holds today.

Artemio Vázquez, Director of Environment, Fisheries and Value Networks, FIRA.

Agricultural Engineer specializing in Irrigation from the Autonomous University of Chapingo, Master in Administration with a concentration in Finance, and various diplomas in financial engineering and finance for agribusiness from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. In terms of water and irrigation, it has been updated in Innovations in Agricultural Management and Water Resources by the Galilee International Management Institute of Israel; update on irrigation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucía, in Seville and Córdoba, Spain; Course on “Water in Latin America: abundance in the midst of global scarcity”, given by the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). It has also participated in World Water Forums in South Korea and Mexico City; In addition, the update on the use of seawater in agriculture at the XI International Congress of the Spanish Association of Desalination and Reuse (AEDyR). He is currently co-responsible for FIRA in various initiatives with the Inter-American Development Bank, the French Development Agency – European Union, the German KfW Development Bank, the World Bank, and the Andean Development Corporation, focused on green and sustainable finance such as financing for energy efficiency, efficient use of water, sustainable productive territories, sustainable fishing, sustainable forest management, preparation and obtaining certifications for FIRA green bond issues, implementation of an environmental and social risk management system (SARAS), among others. With more than 32 years of experience in FIRA, holding various positions and levels in Veracruz, Michoacán, Sinaloa, and Sonora; He currently works as Director of Environment, Fisheries, and Value Networks at FIRA Headquarters.

Jasper Verhoeven, Disinfection and Hygiene Product Specialist, Royal Brinkman - HortiHygienz

He grew up in his family's greenhouse business, growing cucumbers and tomatoes. After several internships in the horticultural sector, he worked in vegetable farming from 2011 to 2018 and visited many horticultural companies on several continents. He joined the HortiHygienz team in the Netherlands, where he also helps, together with local specialists, customers abroad to approach a higher level of hygiene in their company. He enjoys helping horticultural companies to implement hygiene solutions in a practical way. Together with the customer, he designs an effective route from the entrance to the production area, or an extensive step-by-step plan for crop rotation that is tailor-made at any given time.

Luis Jorge Villarreal, General Manager, Metaliser

Electrical Engineer graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey, he began his professional development in the Steel Industry for more than 20 years in leading companies such as HYLSA, GALVAK and PROLAMSA. He is the General Manager of METALISER, a Mexican company specialized in the manufacture a Mexican company specializing in the manufacture, design and construction of Agricultural greenhouses, as well as Automated Irrigation and Climate Control Systems. He was president of AMCI, Mexican Association of Greenhouse Builders during 2011- 2012. He actively collaborates as a lecturer in congresses and seminars of associations and universities such as: AMHPAC, AMCI, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Universidad de Almería and INTAGRI.

Eric Viramontes, President & Director, VISER Proyecta

A professional dedicated to serving the Mexican agricultural sector, his life and work are summarised in contributing to making the sector a better field. He currently heads VISER Proyecta, a consulting firm dedicated to the formulation of solutions for the professionalisation and institutionalisation of organisations and companies in the primary sector. Throughout his career, he has specialised in the development of communication and marketing strategies specialised in this sector. Among the positions he has held, the following stand out: Executive Director of Meister Media Worldwide de Mexico. General Director of the Mexican Association of Protected Horticulture. (AMHPAC). He was part of the Tomato Defence Team that represented the Mexican production industry before the U.S. Department of Commerce during the negotiations for the renewal of the Dumping Investigation Suspension Agreement for Mexican tomatoes. Agricultural Manager at Ciruli Brothers LLC. Director of Trade Promotion at ASERCA / SAGARPA, during the period of President Vicente Fox and under the leadership of Secretary Javier Usabiaga, contributing to this decisive historical moment, is one of his greatest prides. This federal agency managed to open many commercial doors at the international level, which gave the great impulse that Mexican agriculture enjoys today. He has received several awards throughout his career and his future lies in continuing to learn and contribute to a sector he is passionate about.

Oscar Woltman, Operations Director, Hortigen

In charge of strengthening Hortigen's growth with a professional team. Non-agricultural social geographer. Former President of AMHPAC from 2016 to 2019. From 2017 to 2021 he was Director of FreshMex, building a network of suppliers and own production of bell peppers, cemented by a team of professionals for export to the US and Canada using his trading company Levarht.

Félix Tarrats Zirión, General Director, CEICKOR and CEICKOR University Center

Agronomist in Production from ITESM, Querétaro Campus, a specialist in the management of medium and high technology greenhouse crops, receiving training in different countries, today being a recognized Mexican Grower. In 2010, he was Production Manager of AGROS S.A. de C.V., a pioneer company in high-tech greenhouses in Mexico, where it carried out several high-impact strategic projects. He was one of the founders of the Koppert Rapel Research and Training Center (CEICKOR in Spanish), an innovative project that manages to combine business activity with educational activity, training specialist technicians in the management of greenhouse crops. He is currently General Director of CEICKOR and the CEICKOR University Center, which since 2014 has been officially recognized as valid for studies by the SEP, offering the degree of Agricultural Engineer in Protected Agriculture. He is a permanent adviser to Mexican companies, as well as in Guatemala, Costa Rica and the United States, adding 250 hectares advised on tomato, pepper and cucumber cultivation in greenhouses, which allows him to have a broad reference for the management of a greenhouse according to the region. He is a faithful believer that each project starts from a personal story, in his case, he studied agronomy for love of the countryside. It was always clear to him that he wanted to be an agricultural engineer who technically had the knowledge of how to produce and, on the other hand, wanted to do something different that could help the environment in which we live, which is why CEICKOR was born.