GreenTech Americas
25 - 26 - 27 March 2025
Querétaro Centro de Congresos, QRO, Mexico

About Querétaro

A contemporary oasis at the center of the country

Querétaro is a leading state. Its growth has gone hand in hand with the creation of infrastructure services, industrial development and a high quality of life. Its capital, the city of Santiago de Queretaro is clean, safe and has a remarkable cultural and services offer, just like the largest cities in the country.

It has a privileged geographical location at the center of the Republic, just two hours away from Mexico City (222km). Querétaro connects to the rest of the country through a modern and extensive road infrastructure. The Bus Terminal offers frequent departures to major domestic destinations and every fifteen minutes (15mn) to Mexico City and to Juárez International Airport via Primera Plus, ETN and Omnibus de México. It also has excellent air connectivity via the Intercontinental Airport (AIQ).


The weather in the capital and surrounding areas is mild and quite pleasant most of the year. The temperature ranges between 16° and 22°C. If you move away from the capital you will find cooler or drier climates in the semi-desert area. In the Sierra Gorda area, the weather is more humid and the temperature is almost always above 20ºC.


In Querétaro people speak Spanish, but it is very likely that people you cross on the street can help you if you speak in English.


Always something to do. The Historic Center holds, among its treasures, a wealth of outstanding buildings, peaceful alleys, squares and gardens where you can witness Querétaro’s everyday life, but also reveal the lives of its past inhabitants. Taking a Legends Tour downtown is a must during your stay.
Also, Querétaro has a great variety of museums, some of them located in beautiful buildings of the viceregal period, that offer an interesting overview of the history and cultural expressions of the country.
Visit Antea , the largest shopping center in Latin America, or learn more about the modern Queretaro in Central Park and Q7001.


The capital of the state, the city of Santiago de Querétaro is a clean, safe city. It has a remarkable cultural and services offer, which includes temples and mansions of viceregal architecture, museums, galleries, gardens, exhibitions, plays, music, dance and film shows.


It is the state with the largest creation of companies nationwide in the past 10 years. It has 40 industrial parks, 45 R&D centers, 61 institutions of higher education, more than 800 exporting companies and more than 1500 companies with foreign capital.