Higher ROI and the hunt for perfect LED grow light
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Higher ROI and the hunt for perfect LED grow light

Author: GreenTech
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

On Thursday 22 October, the last day of GreenTech Live & Online, the horticulture audience will get inspired by topics like: ‘Which services can contribute to a higher return on investment’, ‘Autonomous cultivation’, ‘How to improve your results in growing Medicinal Cannabis’, ‘The hunt for the perfect LED grow light is not always an easy one’ and many more. GreenTech Live & Online is a virtual platform with a live broadcasted programme filled to the brim with knowledge sessions, matchmaking and exhibitors with their innovations.

Highlights programme 22 October
A few must-see programme items on the last day are:

10.30 - 11.00 CET: Jan-Willem Cirkel (Rijk Zwaan) will talk about: “How the agrifood sector is undergoing a rapid professionalization. A growing number of High-Tech greenhouses are being built and technology and marketing are playing an ever-increasing role". Cirkel explains which services can contribute to a higher return on investment. Main stage

11.30 - 12.30 CET: A panel of Egon Janssen (TNO), Alex van Klink (Delphy), Leonard Baart de la Faille (Van der Hoeven), Tamas Keviczky (TU Delft) and Frans Peter Dechering (Dechering Strategic Marketing & Sales) talk about ‘Autonomous Greenhouse’: “What is the future of cultivation management, what are the expectations of growers and how can data help them? Our experts share their vision and give you the latest insights and developments on autonomous cultivation”. Xpert Theatre

16.00 - 16.40 CET: Medicinal Cannabis frontrunners René Corsten (Delphy), Sabrina Carvalho (Signify) and Sonny Moerenhout (Cultivators) will share their insights and knowledge on the latest developments in their discipline: 'How to improve your results in growing Medicinal Cannabis'. Xpert Theatre

17.00 - 17.30 CET: The Signify panel with Kay Rauwerdink, Erik Stappers and Dennis van Dijk talk about the importance of LED grow light investment to drive high crop yield and quality. Supplemental lighting is a means of production and the solution can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of switching on the lights, the panel says. So the hunt for the perfect grow light is not always an easy one. Main stage

Mariska Dreschler – Director Horticulture GreenTech: “Discover a world of opportunities, learn about the latest crop optimization and get insights in the most recent ins and outs. GreenTech Live & Online has proven to be full of gems and inspires the complete global horticulture industry including cross-overs. I invite you to get in contact with over 6,000 horticulture professionals like yourselve via our matchmaking platform. Join us for the last live broadcasting day!”.

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