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How it's done - Mardenkro ReduSystems

Author: GreenTech
Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Mardenkro ReduSystems, one of the GreenTech 2018 exhibitors, is the name of a group of removable coatings that gives the grower more control over their greenhouse climate. ReduSystems coatings are sprayed onto greenhouse roofs and are weather- resistant for the entire season. ReduSystems coatings can be removed at any time with ReduClean.

As no two situations are the same, ReduSystems prides itself on providing growers anywhere in the world with the solution they need. ReduSystems consists of three product lines: Shading, Diffusing and Specialties. By also sharing their knowledge and experience, they strongly believe this enables growers worldwide to achieve the best growing results.

With ReduSystems products Mardenkro specializes in adjusting solar radiation to the needs of the crops both in glass and plastic greenhouses. ReduSystems is the name of a group of removable coatings that gives the grower more control over their greenhouse climate and used in more than 60 countries.

Each product starts with an idea. From the idea to a coating is a long road. After two to three years of testing in the lab you can usually move on to small-scale tests in practice and at trial stations. It takes three to four years before you are ready to launch onto the market.

The Mardenkro laboratory has an important function in monitoring the quality of the ReduSystems. The quality control starts by testing the incoming raw materials that will be used in the production process. All raw materials sampled an then checked for specific properties. Various advanced analytical methods are used for this. Only when the raw material has been approved it is used for manufacturing.

At the factory, the raw materials are fully automated mixeds. All kettles are equipped with weighing systems so that the recipe is carefully monitored. Through the central pipe system the product is transported to the filling station. The warehouse contains thousands of samples that are saved for two years. The laboratory always checks the end product. Everything that leaves the factory is checked first.

Watch the video and find out how Mardenkro ReduSystems is made. Any questions? Please contact one of our team members!

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