Green House Feeding | Q & A
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Green House Feeding | Q & A

Author: GreenTech
Friday, 10 April 2020

We've asked our GreenTech exhibiting companies to answer questions on how the current Coronavirus pandemic had impacted their business.

About Green House Feeding
Green House Feeding has the objective to provide cannabis cultivators globally with the highest quality plant nutrients, enabling them to achieve unprecedented results by allowing plants to develop to their full genetic potential. Not only creating highly efficient products but also simplifying the application of nutrients. In the early 2000’s we started developing our own nutrient formula because we were not satisfied with the results of expensive and complicated nutrient brands. We have been using our mineral line for more than 15 years and have won several Cannabis Cups with it. Today our nutrients are used by licensed cannabis producers worldwide.

Green House Feeding | Q & A

Q: What is the biggest challenge for your company during this pandemic?
Our staff is usually traveling a lot to visit and consult our customers. Now we are working from home and have to support our customers via video calls, email or phone. The direct contact to our customers has always been one of our main priorities in order to provide the best service.

Q: How do you expect this current crisis will change your sector for the long term?
Looking at some states in the United States and Canada, our sector of legal cannabis cultivation has been declared one of the essential sectors during this crisis and we are still allowed to operate and provide people with cannabis. This decision is a very big step for a lot of us and helps our sector to grow in the future.

Q: How could robotics/automation support human workers during a crisis such as this?
For us as a manufacturer, some tasks could be automated, such as packaging and palletizing products. However, our customers cannot automate all parts of their cultivation sites and humans will always be needed in order to grow high quality cannabis.

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