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The Floating Food Farm - For healthy and sustainable food

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Fresh food is no longer a dependable resource worldwide as demand for healthy and sustainable food is rising. The basis of the concept is modular, environmentally friendly produced, floating objects, consisting of durable materials. These are interconnected to create endless possibilities.

1. With water from channels, rivers and Lakes, in and around big cities, the Floating Food Farm's concept allows fresh food to be produced in a sustainable way, so that expensive and scarce farmland can be used for other purposes.

2. The Floating Food Farm concept can be introduced in all countries with rivers and lakes, and the expertise gained from installing and using these farms can be used to improve existing floating islands in countries where food is already grown on water.

3. Countries and cities at sea can be provided with fresh food that is supplied from Floating Food Farms floating from the coasts (possibly attached to Windmill Farms).

SDE and Nexus Product Design consider water area as unused space and have developed the Floating Food Farm concept as a way to utilize space. The expertise acquired by the SDE over the past few years in building Floating Airpop Objects, produced by "Islanders" (people with distance to the labor market), is used as the basis for the Floating Food Farm concept.

Nexus product design has developed creative brand and design strategies in collaboration with international companies since 1986. The Floating Food Farm concept is being developed in collaboration with the partners in structure, design and architecture.

With this project Floating Food Farm is looking for investors and cities to expand their food farm pilots. Need more information? Please contact us!

Author: GreenTech & Floating Food Farm

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