New pavilion at GreenTech Amsterdam 2016 highlights Vertical Farming
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New pavilion at GreenTech Amsterdam 2016 highlights Vertical Farming

Author: GreenTech
Monday, 24 August 2015

GreenTech Amsterdam 2016 features a Vertical Farming Pavilion and adjoining conference. Following the latest trends, the newly arising Vertical Farming Industry will be represented at GreenTech Amsterdam. RAI Amsterdam is proud to announce a close cooperation between GreenTech and the Association for Vertical Farming to that effect.

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is a fast growing international non-profit organisation that focuses on advancing vertical farming technologies, designs and businesses. Their mission is to foster the sustainable growth and development of the Vertical Farming Movement and to lead that Movement in order to facilitate healthy food, green jobs, environmental protection and climate change resilience.

The Vertical Farming Pavilion is situated in the new hall 8 that is added to the GreenTech Show floor. It will feature dedicated presentations about vertical farming and a congress with GreenTech.

GreenTech focusses on all techniques used for optimal and sustainable growing of crops. Crops is the newly added theme of the show next to Energy, Water and Biobased. “Urban and Vertical Farming are the new kids on the block,” says Mariska Dreschler, Manager of GreenTech, “Countries such as Japan, the US and UAE are very keen on exploring this new production technology which has a sustainable approach to both cities and the country side. This subject belongs in the concept of GreenTech.”

Based on research by members of AVF, Vertical Farming uses up to 98% less water when compared to conventional agriculture and produces more food than a conventional agriculture farm on the same land area. “We welcome interested parties to join the Vertical Farming Pavilion”, says Dreschler, “and between now and June next year we intend to start other initiatives to ensure a visit to GreenTech is a visit into the future of any business.”

GreenTech Amsterdam 2016
All horticulture professionals can visit the GreenTech trade show taking place 14-15-16 June 2016 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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