More than 6,300 professionals signed up for GreenTech Live & Online
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More than 6,300 professionals signed up for GreenTech Live & Online

Author: GreenTech
Monday, 26 October 2020

Over 6,300 horticulture professionals signed up for the virtual show GreenTech Live & Online on 20, 21 and 22 October. Attendees from 107 countries watched 53 knowledge sessions with 121 speakers. Visitors, exhibitors and speakers made in total 3,431 matches. Research showed that the quality of the show was rated very good.

What did the attendees say
Several quotes to express the experiences about the new way to connect:

  • Maren Schoormans (Viscon Group): “At first Glance I feel sad about the empty halls here we would normally have GreenTech. But thanks to GT Live & Online this new movement grows exponential. This is an excellent start of a new era!”
  • "The various webinars had good technical content and the audio/visual quality was also better than average. Very good overall organization. The website was easy to use as well"
  • "Good presentation from speakers and the live talk discussion is very interesting"
  • "Easily switch to different exhibitors, chat and follow during the day different live sessions (also on background during work)"
  • Rob Schoones (Priva): “My compliments to the organization. I propose that next time you also just participate in the innovation award election. Nice to see how your life inspiring speakers from different countries tell their story”
  • Pieter Vellekoop: “Ironically, during a ‘normal’ GreenTech I never managed to contact with so many nationalities within only 15 minutes. Thank you for this opportunity”.

Facts & figures
Some remarkable results after 3 days of the virtual event are:

  • More than 6,300 professionals registrated
  • 70 exhibitors shared their products and innovations
  • 3,431 matches were made between visitors, exhibitors and speakers
  • 53 knowledge sessions with 121 speakers inspired the global horticulture industry
  • Attendees from 107 countries have watched 1 or more video's
  • The top 5 countries are the Netherlands, Germany, USA, UK and France
  • In total 564 days of content video's have been watched
  • 5,465 viewers watched a video
  • The total number attendees played a video is 31,000 views
  • The average time they watched was 26 minutes per video.

Virtual platform is still open
The platform is still open until 29 October to view the knowledge sessions and until 5 November for matchmaking. Please visit for access to the platform.

GreenTech Amsterdam 2021
GreenTech Amsterdam will be held from Tuesday 15 – Thursday 17 June 2021. The exhibition is a global meeting place for all horticultural technology professionals. GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face. All Dutch front runners, greenhouse builders and suppliers are present. In 2019 a total of 12,489 professionals from 114 countries visited GreenTech Amsterdam. GreenTech is supported by AVAG, the industry association for the greenhouse technology sector in the Netherlands.
More information via the GreenTech website or follow GreenTech on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Youtube.