International Phalaenopsis meeting in Guatemala
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International Phalaenopsis meeting in Guatemala

Author: GreenTech
Thursday, 21 September 2017

A special group of breeders, growers and producers of Phalaenopsis from all corners of the world, joined by several Dutch suppliers, met together in Guatemala last week. The main reason for the visit was the opening of Ter Laak AmericaS.

Initially, the group was going to visit Florida, after which they would travel to Guatemala. Due to Hurricane Irma, the Florida meetings did not occur. In just a few days all plans were reversed and an additional visit program was assembled, including Dümmen Orange, Syngenta, the Guatemalan SyM and to Ter Laak, the main orchid producer in Guatemala.

BeJo Guatemala and Holland Orchids (Cymbidium) were additional visits, which painted a new picture of a country that more often than not gets in the news through political instability, rather than the opportunities it opportunities it offers in the field of high-quality horticulture. Holland Orchids and Ter Laak AmericaS are key players in the industry in Guatemala. Both projects have been highlighted on the list of leading horticultural companies in Central America.

It is noteworthy that in many countries, export-oriented ornamental cultivation initially start with bulk crops such as roses and carnations, however in Guatemala, the situation is the complete opposite. The sector is now being launched with high-quality and capital-intensive crops, such as the Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium Cutting. What stands out is not only the greenhouses, that are on an exceptionally high level, but also the management belonging to these companies running the greenhouses.

The conclusion was drawn quickly that Guatemala has the potential to develop further as an exporter of ornamental plant products. For decades, internationally operating seed and young plant companies have been located in Guatemala. There is now a lot of cultivation of ornamental plant products.