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Vialux HD-UV now also approved by BZG

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Good news! As of July 28, 2017, the Vialux HD-UV 8-12 has been included with the E-Line module in the BZG list of approved purification plants. Priva now has three certified systems on the BZG list. Using these systems, you meet the 2018 water treatment requirement.

The Priva Vialux HD-UV 8-12 purifier with E-line module has been placed on the BZG list of approved purification plants for both the 95% purification efficiency and the 99.5% purification efficiency for imidacloprid.

With the approval of the Vialux HD-UV 8-12 with E-Line module, Priva has a response to the demand of its customers. With a low investment, adjust an existing Vialux HD-UV to meet the requirements of the government-based measurement protocol. This maximizes the use of an existing installation at minimal cost.

Below is a list of all certified purification solutions from Priva.

Vialux HD-UV 8-12 with E-Line module>Low investment on existing or new HD-UV system
For existing or new users of a Vialux HD UV, Priva offers a unique, cost-effective solution. Especially for customers with an HD-UV system, the Vialux E-Line module has been developed. An expansion package that can be applied to existing or new Vialux HD UV 8-12 disinfection systems.

Vialux M-Line with E-Line Module> Low investment on existing or new M-Line system
For existing M-Line users, but also for horticulturists without a disinfection system, or with a system that you no longer want to use, there is an appropriate solution. With the purchase of a Vialux M-Line disinfection system with E-Line module, disinfection and treatment of run-off water are regulated in one system.

Vialux E-Line system>New system for water treatment only
In addition to the Vialux E-Line module for existing Vialux sytemen, a new system has been developed for solvents only: Priva Vialux E-Line. The Vialux E-Line system is based on the current M-Line with integration of the E-Line module and is specially designed for water treatment. The Vialux E-Line system is available in 4 different variants.

The purification systems are controlled by the Priva Connext process computer, as part of total water management. If you do not have a Connext process computer, you can choose for the standalone version.

Want to know more about the Vialux Line or discover the best solution for your business? Check out the Priva website or get in touch

Note for editors: For more information, please contact Wilma van der Lely, Senior Communications Horticulture.

Author: Priva

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