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Polish find top place within the horticulture technology market

Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Netherlands if often refered to as the world’s leading country in horticulture technology innovation and development as it is a major supplier of horticultural technology, automation and contains some of the world’s horticulture industry leaders. However, this does not deter other countries from trying to claim the same title and innovating to change the world. With technology developing at such a fast pace, it is hard to stay an industry leader as competition is never far behind.

Polish company Maryniaczyk, birthed in 2005, has been dedicated to innovation and designing key components to greenhouse logistics. They have been incredibly successful and ship their products worldwide. Although it is a relatively young company, they still reach a global market because of their drive and passion for the industry.

Maryniczyk started by designing greenhouse solutions based on the local market demand, and as Poland is home to a large horticultural industry sector, it was seen a necessary addition to the innovation and technology market. Although they had plenty simple machinery, to start, they boomed within their industry when they developed the first polish made automated spraying card. For their consumer, the pivot point came when they could not only trust a local product, but had quick and easy support and service networks.

As the company boomed, they started to introduce more tech and machinery into the market such as hydraulic scissor lifts, harvesting trolleys, sprayers and greenhouse crop hooks. Their sales rep. Karol Korzeniewski explained: "The solutions are adapted to specific situations, respond to problems, and if necessary, adjusted to the needs of the customer. We pay a lot of our attention to the quality of our products in pursuit of perfection. We aim to use and implement the newest technologies and solutions. At the same time we try to keep our prices low but keep in mind that a lower price does not mean a lower quality."

Korzeniewski said that their approach to the current horticulture leaders, growers and innovatiors helped catch the attention of other international members of the industry. "Nowadays our solutions are also shipped worldwide, especially to other horticultural markets that require adaptive technology such as New Zealand, Australia, and many other countries. We are looking to increase our international distribution and services."

One of their prized innovative products are spray robots, working alongside their working platforms, scissor lifts and more! "Our systems are designed in such a simple way that they are not sensitive for malfunctioning or defects. In case problems occur, spare parts are locally available and the equipment can be easily repaired. As well as this we have 24/7 telephonic service support available to our customers" says Korzeniewski.

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