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Saudi Arabia plans to create 500 billion dollar city of the future

Thursday, 26 October 2017

If you’re looking for an investment, a client or somewhere to shine, look no further. Saudi Arabia plans to create a mega city of the future as part of its post-oil economy. The project, named Neom, will intersect three countries, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, and host a ultra-futuristic vibe.

In this post-oil economy, they are looking for “tons” of innovative, new horticultural technology, and more, to help sustain life within and around the city. The Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman mentioned that the city will play host to hyper modern farming techniques to ensure that space is maximised and high yields and create economic stimulus and a healthy wellbeing for those who live there.

In order to sustain a population this size and density, Prince Salman has said that the city is fully ready to adopt the vertical farming revolution that will feed the population in a “water, time and space-efficient way”, and because the city is in such an arid area of the world, it is essential to save water. Additionally, arid and seawater farming techniques will be used in combination with solar-powered greenhouses.

Creating the city of the future using these farming techniques is no small feat as we see many companies these days trying to implement the techniques we have into our current daily lives. We see this with New York city where vertical farms are slowly creeping into apartment buildings, or even into the apartments themselves. Neom will be built in the middle of nowhere, so to speak, but there are high hopes for the project as according to Horti Daily “the Saudis have big plans to embrace a lot of green tech and know-how to make their dreams come true.”

The city comes at an interesting time in our development as humans because of our increasing population numbers and therefore population density. It is essential that enough food can be produced in order to continue thriving as a race and grow together for the future. If this hub of technology works, the horticulture technology used can be implemented into cities that are already built as their effectiveness has been proved by Neom.

To learn more about Neom, check out their website.

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