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Product quality is no longer a nice to have

Monday, 19 December 2016

Flier Systems provides innovative automation solutions for the horticulture industry. Like many other companies their products claim to improve efficiency and profit. To put these claims to the test GreenTech spoke to Ertan Gonca, a young vegetable and flower plant grower with 20,000 m2 of glasshouses in Izmeer, Turkey. Prior to installing the Flier Sowing System, Gonca’s previous system required four additional operators. “When Flier visited us to carry out a site survey and told us their system would require four less people, they got my attention,” he explains.

Consistent quality
While the new system clearly offers labour savings, and efficiencies in terms of speed – it’s much faster – Gonca is clear that the main benefit for him is accuracy. “Positioning the seeds accurately means that my quality is high and consistent. In turn, this will enable me to offer guarantees to my customers, that the seeds are sown in the right density and at the right depth.” This supports Gonca’s main business goal of long-term growth, rather than short term profit. The company is thinking 50 years ahead, and they’ve identified innovation and quality as being key to their strategy. “Being able to guarantee consistent quality leads to repeat business and growth,” he says.

“In Turkey, innovation and quality give us a big competitive advantage as these two factors aren’t on many other competitors radar. There are perhaps just four other companies in Turkey in our sector with a similar focus.” With plans to expand into export, he recognises that not only quality, but consistent high quality is key.

Solid investments in changeable times
With the current political and economic instability in Turkey, many businesses are delaying larger investment. In this instance however, the investment decision, he says, was a simple one. “The machine will pay for itself very quickly. We’re also investigating innovative irrigation systems, and are currently running a trial in one of our greenhouses. It’s showing great potential so far.”

Author: Ertan Conca

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