Monday, 14 May 2018

New Product: Active Ventilation System (AVS)

Van Dijk heating

Van Dijk heating develops, produces and markets products for an energy efficient greenhouse climate. The product portfolio ranges from condensers to CO2-distribution systems and from drain water disinfectors to active ventilation systems. All products are in-house innovations that provide optimum greenhouse conditions and significant energy savings.

Van Dijk heating expands its Active Ventilation System (AVS) product line

  • The revised AVS5000 has been optimized for minimum power consumption. With a 50% reduction, this product is now the most energy efficient Active Ventilation System in the market.
  • Furthermore, a new product with increased capacity is introduced. The capacity of the AVS7000 is 40% higher compared to the AVS5000. The increased flow enables lower humidity values in the greenhouse.