How Man@Machine deals with the Coronavirus impact | Q and A

How Man@Machine deals with the Coronavirus impact | Q and A

Thursday, 4 June 2020

We've asked our GreenTech exhibiting companies to answer questions on how the current Coronavirus pandemic had impacted their business.

About Man@Machine

Man@Machine is a sales and promotion company specialising in Treffler Organic Machinery. At Man@Machine we have a deep understanding of what farmers need and bring you precision machines for the best results in professional arable farming. We listen to you who put our implements to use and deliver quality directly to your farm, while at the same time ensure that there is a network in your area to better serve you. Many years of farming the land, engineering, and working with farming implements, distinguishes us in our field and makes us reliable partners. Man@Machine services you in the Benelux, Croatia, Greece, Great Britain, Denmark, the USA, and Canada. At Man@Machine we believe that only smart innovation is good enough for farmers and we custom fit the machines to your needs. In our approach, we remain versatile giving you the right machine to most all work situations. We are not afraid to say, our machines are radical, Treffler Organic Machinery, truly a new generation machines. Treffler has been at the forefront of mechanical weed control for more than 15 years. The Treffler tine harrow is unrivaled in quality and precision, managing the weeds in all your vegetable and field crops and Treffler cultivation is shallow, cutting 100% through. Our tools come in all sizes, from an 80cm hand-drawn harrow for the greenhouses and up to 27 meters semi-carried. Have a look for yourself, only the best is good enough for your foods and crops.

How Man@Machine deals with the Coronavirus impact | Q and A

What is the biggest challenge (in which part of the chain) for your company, during this pandemic?

During these uncertain times in which we are facing Covid-19 and the challenges it brings, such as health, physical distancing, and financial uncertainty, we understand the role this will play in all our lives. Firstly, we at Man@Machine look toward the Treffler factory in Germany where they continue to be committed to the production of our machines. Every day all the workers are dedicated to building the machines that will come to your farm. We admire their enthusiasm and diligence. This deserves great respect because these people in the chain are essential to the work at hand and the work ahead. As an importer, it is the task of Man@Machine to provide you with all the facts about our machines and make sure they are operating on your farms.

How can companies assist each other at this moment?

More than ever, we feel the need to remain active and resilient. We want to find new ways of communicating with you and writing this is one attempt to reach out to you. Our message is simple: In the face of this crisis, keeping you informed and getting you Treffler quality machines have become an even bigger challenge and that gives our work more focus and extra purpose. Another way to reach out to the farming community is to listen to the farmers with a Treffler already on their farm. They can tell you why they decided on a Treffler machine to help them get the job done. Now more than ever, we encourage our farmers to share their videos, speak out via our newsletter, or be active within your own social network. It would be great if you would make videos of your work and send them to us via email: A virtual visit to your farm will show other farmers how Treffler helps you get the best results. Farmers' knowledge and experience are really valuable for other farmers, especially now that we can’t meet each other on field days.

What is the silver lining for either your company or the sector?

Our network of farmers, advisers, and institutions familiar with our machines is a huge asset and by working together this will help us to stay on top of things and to face the challenges ahead. Even though we cannot meet you at your farm as we had hoped, we will do our best to continue to keep you informed and to bring you the best machines, Treffler Organic Machinery. Spring is usually the time for farmers to see and compare machines in the field, see demonstrations, and get good advice. This season is unusually silent. For the time being, we want to heed the official guidance and find other ways to keep in touch. If you don’t already own a Treffler and want to know more, contact us and we will connect you with someone in your neighborhood where you can see a machine. Above all, we wish everyone good health.

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