How it’s done, the Flier Systems story

Author: GreenTech
Thursday, 14 December 2017

Machine builder Flier Systems, with their knowledge of mechanisation, automation solutions and efficiency, has been supporting ambitious growers in horticulture since 1931. Flier's customers are professionals and leading breeders, young plant nurseries (both vegetable and floriculture) and where complex logistics systems make the difference. With years of experience, modular machines and systems are configured with a focus on higher quality, greater efficiency, maximum quantity and optimum yield.

With these modular machines Flier is able to realise complex logistic devices and solutions that automate processes. When a customer chooses Flier Systems, he chooses the freedom to create a solution that fits the needs of his company exactly. Together ,Flier makes an inventory of the clients’ wishes and we look at how Flier systems can make the company an even better supplier. They are able to put together the ideal modular system and offer the best solution to the grower by asking the right questions about what challenges they face and by finding out what will offer them the best results.

With FL'EX, the customer gains access to Flier's experience, tried and tested techniques and expertise that have been built up over the past 85 years. Following an inventory of clients’ wishes and needs, Flier examines which building blocks are needed for the best solution. We make this clear with the unique FL'EX configurator, often at the first appointment. In this way every configuration is possible and the customer remains fully informed and in control.

In addition, the right drawings are produced by the FL'EX configurator. Engineering only adjusts what is needed and checks the end product before it goes to production. This makes Flier's process efficient and reduces costs and guarantees that delivery times are met. After Flier has come up with the right composition and solution together with the customer, experienced production workers start working on the system. An essential part of our piece of automation is, of course, the operating system. Their experienced management department works closely with our engineering team, subsidiary Indigo Logistics, on the project management.

The modular machines, together with the control unit, are made ready for operation. When the individual modular machines are ready, they are set up in a production line or in the logistics system and tested frequently. During the Factory Acceptance Test, we also test with the customers’ employees, so that they too become familiar with the operational capabilities as soon as possible. This ensures the best guarantee for continuity. They then transport the system to the customer and installation begins. During the final test, the Side Acceptance Test, we run the system one last time and the transfer is complete. A customer can now experience the innovative benefits on a daily basis and achieve higher quality, greater efficiency, maximum quantity and optimum return. Moreover, with the modular approach, technical aspects never get in the way of customer growth ensuring the customer is always flexible when he decides to automate additional processes and tasks within the business. Flier Systems: grow your future.

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