How DOGAL AS deals with the Coronavirus impact | Q and A
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How DOGAL AS deals with the Coronavirus impact | Q and A

Author: GreenTech
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

We've asked our GreenTech exhibiting companies to answer questions on how the current Coronavirus pandemic had impacted their business.


DOGAL AS was established in 1992 in Istanbul, Turkey. The headquarter of the company is in Istanbul and the factory is located in the greenhouse capital of Turkey, Antalya. Together with the factory, the Antalya campus consists of high-tech Quality Control Laboratory and Research & Development Centre. With more than 300 employees, DOĞAL A.S has capabilities from the beginning to the end; registration, chemical R&D, procurement, formulation, synthesis, quality control, and deliver and supply agrochemicals to all customers and farmers with technical support.

As DOGAL AS, we participate in Greentech Amsterdam & Americas to promote our sun protection products and enhance the awareness of them in the international market.

One of the key products of DOGAL AS is a coating material for greenhouses, named GREENHOUSE SHADER. The product decreases the temperature inside greenhouses, protects plants from sunlight damage, and filtrates suitable wavelengths for photosynthesis. GREENHOUSE SHADER is the top-selling greenhouse coating product in Turkey. Furthermore, it is exported to more than 15 countries.

How DOGAL AS deals with the Coronavirus impact | Q and A

Q: What is the biggest challenge for your company, during this pandemic?

There are numerous difficulties that we faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic but the biggest one is the overland transportation of our export products. A complete lockdown hasn’t been declared in Turkey and the production continues. Alongside overseas countries, we produce and export to CIS countries as well, and we also have a company in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately, the freight cost of the trucks increased 3-4 times, and truck drivers don't want to go abroad due to possible problems at borders and not being able to return to Turkey on time.

Q: How can companies assist each other at this moment?

We always believe that having a good business partnership with customers is more important than short term sales goals. The companies who are in collaboration need each other more now than in the past, especially during these days. That's why the distributor choice should always be made carefully and built on a solid basis to assist each other in these difficult times. Under these difficult circumstances, we currently try to do our best to support our customers by providing convenience about payments and by dispatching the orders on time with some promotions, etc., because we know that our customers are more valuable than short term profit!

Q: How do you expect this current crisis will change your sector for the long term?

All the countries try to make policies to secure food supply during and after the pandemic. Consequently, pandemic conditions will have a minor impact on the agricultural and plant protection sector all over the world. As Dogal, one of the biggest agrochemical producer companies in Turkey, we believe that our sector is one of the last ones to be affected by the pandemic in Turkey. Under any circumstances, the food demand of the population will continue and the farmers need agrochemicals to protect their yield and have better quality crops. We believe that having a foreseeing approach can save companies in the long term. For instance, during the beginning of the virus spreading, our company ordered all of our packing materials and raw materials in advance by estimating the possible future workload and delays of the companies that we work with. Otherwise, we couldn't succeed to continue the production and export of our products to our valuable business partners during this period.

How DOGAL AS deals with the Coronavirus impact | Q and A

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