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Priva introduced Kompano: the world's first fully automated leaf-cutting robot for tomato crops.

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Priva has introduced Kompano during GreenTech: the world's first autonomous, fully automated leaf-cutting robot for tomato crops. Kompano is the first robot on the market that can move around a greenhouse independently alongside employees. This makes 24/7 autonomous leaf-cutting in horticulture a new reality. Implementing robotization is a major revolution in the horticultural market and addresses the global need for sustainable innovation with enormous potential.

Robotics in horticulture

Crop handling is an important part of daily operations. The issues that growers face are getting more and more complex. Skilled and payable personnel have become scarcer, while the global demand for food continues to grow at an accelerating rate. Robotics provide a solution by increasing the continuity and predictability of daily operations while keeping costs at a similar or even lower level. Due to many variables, complexity and the continuously changing conditions in a greenhouse, growers demand intelligent and user-friendly technology combined with operational robustness and durability.

This is where Kompano makes a difference. Kompano is an innovative leaf-cutting robot, that is able to work around the clock. Leaf-cutting is one of the most labour-intensive crop operations in the tomato sector. Kompano's de-leafing robot is designed to independently find and efficiently remove excess leaves from the tomato plants. This results in a decreased need for flexible staff and makes the demand for labor manageable.

Kompano operates alongside staff

Kompano is designed to deleaf tomato plants 24/7 and is able to drive around completely independently. It is safe to keep the robot running day and night. It does not need to cool down or rest. The only thing a grower needs to do is charge the battery and move the robot to a different department.

Kompano makes it easier for growers to manage their workforce. Kompano is easily controlled by a smart device and adjustable to users' preferences and requirements. Kompano will operate perfectly alongside staff and take care of the more laborious tasks. Kompano offers support to train staff to operate the equipment and a comprehensive service program.

The future of robotics

Kompano is the first step towards unmanned and autonomous cultivation. While many companies are active in this field, Priva is the first one to have succeeded in producing a horticultural robot. The first Kompano’s are delivered and in use by growers. In time, the Kompano line will be expanded to a leaf-cutting robot for cucumbers and harvesting robots for tomatoes and cucumbers.

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