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Monday, 1 July 2019

For more than 134 years already, total supplier Royal Brinkman has been providing professional horticultural companies with knowledge, experience and innovative solutions. The cannabis cultivation sector can benefit from this longstanding experience and the company’s worldwide network, thinks innovation specialist Letteke Pichel. ‘We can offer, in consultation with our customer, the right solution to each problem.’

Knowledge, experience and innovative solutions are essential in the quest to achieve optimal production circumstances and product quality of cannabis. Royal Brinkman, in cooperation with leading suppliers, cannabis growers and knowledge institutes, finds answers to questions or demands from the market. ‘A large part of our assortment can effectively be used for the cultivation of cannabis. Like in every cultivation process however, growers encounter various specific challenges which they cannot solve yet,’ says Letteke Pichel, Innovation Specialist at Royal Brinkman. ‘Our company wants to help customers by offering integrated solutions together with suppliers, that can prevent problems instead of solving them only afterwards. This working method closely relates to the cultivation of cannabis with its high standards because of medical purposes. The application of inputs is only allowed on a very limited basis. Therefore, the cultivation strategy must be planned beforehand.’

Climate design
Pichel elaborates on four different subjects that illustrate Royal Brinkman’s added value. ‘First and foremost the design and realization of the ideal climate in the greenhouse.’ Previously, growers mostly reacted to what was happening in the greenhouse. Now you see that growers are much more in control of the climate. We no longer talk about climate control, but about climate design. We help growers to be pro active.’
We do this for instance via the use of DryGair units, which dehumidify the air in the greenhouse in a efficient and simple way. ‘As a consequence, you create optimal cultivation circumstances and a crop without diseases, this is key to high yields of excellent quality.’
The second subject that deserves extra attention in cannabis cultivation is hygiene management. With HortiHygienz, Royal Brinkman offers a total solution for issues regarding hygiene. The company puts together a risk overview, advises clients about viable solutions and guides them throughout the decision making process and installation and application of solutions. ‘Because the final product is being produced for medicinal use, the cultivation of cannabis follows strict rules and regulations. Risks in the field of personal hygiene, transport, machinery, tools and water need to be covered.’

Optimalisation of work processes
Mechanization is also a focus area, according to Royal Brinkman. ‘Process automation results in a high and consistent final quality. In addition, it leads to labor savings. Examples are internal transport and post-harvest/processing machines, measuring equipment, but also complete greenhouse roof cleaners like the AquaJet or hygiene locks and cleaning equipment. In short, we’re talking about all technical trade goods and engineering which are needed to make a company function in the best possible way.’
The standard cultivation goods do also belong to the company’s range. Royal Brinkman has been offering them for years and will continue to do so. ‘Think of fertilizers, gloves, sticky traps, nylon mesh, etcetera,’ says Pichel. ‘Growers also need their regular good and because we’re a total supplier, we can provide them with what they need. If you need a solution to a problem or answer to a question in your company? Do contact us!’

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Author: Royal Brinkman

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