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Market insights, challenges and opportunities: medicinal cannabis

Friday, 18 March 2022

Which developments are taking place in the medicinal cannabis industry? How can we learn from pioneers within this field? And what can we expect for the future? Various experts share their views in the video below.


Brad Nattrass, Urban-gro Inc.

Urban-gro Inc. offers fully integrated facility design, cultivation systems integration and operational support for cannabis and food-focus indoor controlled environment agriculture. It delivers and supports efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.

Nic Eastley, 3C Consulting, LLC

3C Consulting helps cannabis businesses to design, start-up, build, and grow. It provides businesses with tailored cannabis business solutions that unite economics, the environment, and communities to define profit at a higher level.

Timo Bongartz, Fluence by OSRAM

Fluence creates lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production. It applies the latest research in photobiology, evidence-based design, precise engineering and advanced technology to foster a healthier and more sustainable world.