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IIVO's intelligent revolution in horticulture

Author: Hoogendoorn
Monday, 19 February 2024

In horticulture, a game-changing shift is occurring from traditional practices to a future defined by food resilience, data security, cross-sectoral innovations, and sustainable foot printing. Urgently needed for the sector is an intelligent innovation strategy guiding the transition from A: traditional methods to C: Highly productive growing facilities that are sustainable, resilient, and intelligent. This journey is exemplified by the integration of Hoogendoorn Growth Management’s Intelligent Algorithms, playing a key role in steering the industry towards efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancement.

A: The changing face of horticulture

Historically, horticulture relied on manual labour, green fingers, and conventional growing techniques. This approach, while effective to some extent, lacked the precision and efficiency needed to address the complexities of the modern horticultural industry. The global demand for food, coupled with the need for sustainable horticultural practices, has required a departure from the status quo. Horticulture is now leading the way in a technological revolution.

B: Transitioning with Data Driven Growing

Since 2018 companies like Hoogendoorn have pioneered with Data Driven Growing technologies that leverage data analytics and machine learning to optimize every aspect of horticultural management. This ensured real-time monitoring, data-driven decision-making, and precise control over environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and light.
As horticulture embraced the concept of Data Driven Growing, the sector is now ready for the transition to the next step: Highly productive growing facilities, which are sustainable, resilient and intelligent. This is where the Intelligent Algorithms software for the IIVO process computer of Hoogendoorn comes in.

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C: Highly productive growing facilities

IIVO's Intelligent Algorithms transform horticulture by enabling growers to efficiently manage diverse growing environments with minimal holistic settings. These algorithms proactively regulate micro-level climates, considering forecasted weather conditions. By integrating the grower’s customized strategies with plant physiology principles, they achieve an optimal balance of energy, water, and assimilates, fostering stronger, healthier, and more resilient crops while minimizing resource usage.

"With the Intelligent Algorithms of IIVO, the world for autonomous cultivation in highly productive growing facilities is now at our feet. These ‘growing facilities’ are driven by data, Artificial Intelligence, vision technologies and robotics which enables more sustainable cultivation (100% Green) and less waste in the entire production chain,” according to Angela Luijten, Business Development Manager of Hoogendoorn. She continues: “As food systems are intimately connected, meaning that we must innovate cross-sectoral and collaborate across the entire production chain to realize this future. Therefore, the sector should focus on an integrated and intelligent innovation strategy, navigating from A to C.”

Hoogendoorn can tell you more about their Intelligent Algorithms at the upcoming GreenTech Americas in Mexico, starting March 12 and at GreenTech Amsterdam, starting June 11. Or read about this here: https://readysetgrow.nl/intelligent-algorithms/.