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GreenTech Americas Digital Experience: The lessons learned for the horticulture during the pandemic

Monday, 19 April 2021

After the COVID-19 pandemic protected agriculture faces new challenges. The implementation of technology will play a key role in taking crops to another level and ensures costs are optimized, water is saved and time is reduced.

During the Americas Digital Experience, held 17 March, national and international experts discussed the issues that influence the protected horticulture industry the most.

Automation stands out clearly among the trends that were analysed. It is a tool that allows the construction of the greenhouse, screens and special equipment, as well as obtaining the best strategies and solutions to achieve the best results in crop optimisation.

The experts also pointed out that the interpretation of data will become more important and can help in the short term with an information board for the supervision of all processes in the greenhouses.

In this context, research also plays an important role in order to control the climate and find a balance in different types of crops. It is necessary to educate the team on this.

According to the most influential voices in this industry, the pandemic has thought us many lessons, emphasizing the importance of adopting new technologies. Taking into account that during 2020 the consumption of health related products, including organic and dietary supplements, has increased significantly.

Mexico has 54,000 protected hectares and tomato exports reported over $ 2,35 billion during 2020. The demand for other Mexican agri-food products such as beer, avocado, tequila, mezcal, berries and peppers has increased as well.

The implementation of technology will be the engine of competitiveness and although there may be a fear of change, an increasing number of producers are joining in the adoption of technological tools. These tools will allow them to improve their knowledge to guarantee the continuity of their operations, increase its production and adapt to the new requirements of the national and international market despite the circumstances. Today’s challenge is to reinvent at high speed and innovate to remain competitive.

GreenTech Americas is part of the GreenTech portfolio and focuses on Mexico, as well as the rest of the Americas. The goal is to meet the specific needs of growers, breeders and suppliers. GreenTech Americas enables a greater exchange of knowledge, experiences, and success stories of the horticultural industry in this region. The international event takes place from 15 till 17 August 2021, at the Querétaro Centro de Congresos (QCC), Querétaro, Mexico and is organized by RAI Amsterdam and Tarsus México. Please find more information at www.greentech.nl/americas/

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