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Ton van Mil, CEO Royal Brinkman shares his vision on 2021

Friday, 21 May 2021

“The horticultural sector is on the brink of major developments in the field of accelerated digitalization and automation, through the advance of robotics and data-driven tools. Only through cooperation between various parties within the chain will the sector become more sustainable and better. Let's improve together.”

In the horticultural sector, we look ahead together and passionately strive for a better and sustainable future for the global horticultural entrepreneurs. The opportunities for horticulture are increasing due to the growing need for healthy food and beautiful ornamental plants, driven by further digitalization and the need to grow locally.

The world population is growing and, at the same time, the balance between supply and demand for raw materials, water, energy, labour and land is deteriorating. There is also an increase in scale and the rise of robotics and data-driven tools within horticulture. Integration of these processes results in higher productivity, more control and less risk, from seed to packaged product.

The drive is to further develop digitally and internationally, with cooperation being the biggest key to success. Because the sector is on the brink of major challenges, it is interesting and attractive to strategic investors. A concentration is emerging in which smaller companies are absorbed by the large companies. Large companies, with professional management, are increasingly working together to find answers to international issues. Consumers, producers and retailers want to know more about the environmental impact of horticultural products and are aware of sustainable production methods.

From an international perspective, more emphasis is being placed on local production of vegetables and ornamentals. Local-for-local offers the opportunity to translate local conditions and developments into new solutions and innovations.

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