Food for thought Vision

Aad van den Berg, Managing director at Delphy, shares his horticulture vision

Friday, 21 May 2021

"Digital transformation of the green fingers is key for sustainable and fresh food production for all people worldwide”

Sense, analyze, act, that’s what growers are doing whole the day. Monitoring and judging the plants, analyzing all information and taking actions.
The expertise and experience of the growers are the main sources for actions to be taken. Actions are taken manually on crops or as setpoints for any automation.
It’s these green fingers of the grower that analyzes the plant status and that defines the actions by heart, while data supports this process more and more. But.., nowadays green fingers are limited to the availability of growers, the challenge is to scale up and to make the green knowledge robust and applicable for horticulture worldwide.
Digital transformation of the green fingers into IT applications is the future, this will support and finally replace the unique skills of the grower.
Green finger applications could model the crops, predict and manage plant development and growth and create setpoints and actions based on plant requirements.
So, today steps are collecting more data and optimizing growth, tomorrow steps are digital transforming of the green fingers ……

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