Have you already listened to these amazing songs about horticulture?

Have you already listened to these amazing songs about horticulture?

Author: GreenTech
Tuesday, 7 April 2020

During these tough times, we should help each other out. Although we can’t physically be together, music can still unite us. It is a universal language that brings joy to people.

Many initiatives with music appear in the news, from artists giving living room concerts to stay at home parties in apartment complexes.

This made the GreenTech team think as well of ways of how we can use music to bring a smile on people’s faces in times like these.

Each member of the GreenTech team picked out a song that is horticulture-related and that they have a personal connection with. Different music genres are included, so there is a nice song for everyone.

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Please enjoy the music and stay safe!

Song: Passionfruit

Artist: Drake

Mariska: "With this song, I feel totally relaxed. It is easy and it gives me holiday vibes. I love it!"

Song: The Nutcracker, Waltz of the Flowers

Artist: Tchaikovsky

Iris: "I grew up in a family that loves music. My father sang, and my mother and sister were both ballet dancers. Lazy Sundays were filled with listening to the compositions of the 'Old Masters'. As a young teenager, I thought it was boring music, and I preferred listening to New Kids On The Block or Take That (yeah, I know. Sorry). But now I'm older, I too enjoy the relaxing sounds of classical hits, and once won a pub quiz because I could name the symphony numbers of several pieces, by heart."

Song: Plantasia

Artist: Mort Garson

Jordi: "Released in 1976, this album is a musical journey itself, with a high complexity of sounds that commune into a special selection altogether. For me, it is progressively telling a cartoon story like the good old days…Sharpness and deepness with an exceptional production, easy-listening, joyful, I really recommend it..."

Song: Wildflowers

Artist: Tom Petty

Job: "A long time ago, I was working at a flower grower during summer holidays while listening to these tunes."

Song: Bed Of Roses

Artist: Bon Jovi

Jolise: "Roses make life a whole lot more beautiful and Bon Jovi is an amazing singer!"

Song: Violet Hill

Artist: Coldplay

Amber: "I love listening to and making music. However, there are always songs that become boring after hearing them for a while. I never have this with songs from Coldplay I can listen to them over and over again!"

Song: Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower)

Artist: 茉莉花

Shuyan: "This song is very popular in China. I already knew this song when I was a little kid and still love to listen to it!"

Song: Californication

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hilde: "I really like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and every time I hear peppers I think about our GreenTech logo."

Song: Turks Fruit

Artist: Rogier van Otterloo

Marijke: "A lovely relaxed tune! Everyone immediately sees the swinging bicycle with Rutger Hauer and Monique van der Ven through the city centre of Amsterdam in front of them."

Song: Kiss From A Rose

Artist: Seal

Murkje: "This is one of my favourite high school songs!"

Song: Supermarket Flowers

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Mirjan: "Part of life is that you sometimes have to say goodbye to the people you love. This hurts even more when it is someone you have beautiful memories with for a lifetime. This song covers this subject. Today, our parents and grandparents are extra vulnerable. Do not take risks, be kind, and look after each other carefully!"

Song: Flower

Artist: Moby

Martijn: "This song reminds me of a study project I did in Georgia two years ago. I spent a week at the university in Tbilisi working on a cooperation project between the HvA and the International Black Sea University. It was a very inspiring trip in a completely different world. I did not even have mobile internet, so I brought my iPod with me. There were only a few numbers on it and this song was one of them. I listened to this song endlessly. Sweet memories!"

Song: Banana pancakes

Artist: Jack Johnson

Sanne: "When I hear this song, I think of a carefree Sunday morning where I enjoy my breakfast with banana pancakes on my balcony in the sun."

Song: Desert Rose

Artist: Sting

Bora: "I really like this song. It has beautiful melodies and every time I hear it, it reminds me of nature."

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