Flower Trials 2018

Author: GreenTech
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The main goal for this Flower Trials is to show our international relations, both producers and trade, the new product developments and the way how to use them on a retail level or on a consumer level. The mix masters something developed in the US 10 years ago and basically it’s a concept to inspire the end consumer and to make life for the producers easier. The sky is the limit in terms of combining things, so that’s what we show here.

The taste experience is a concept where we combine vegetables with those herbs and where we try to get the real taste into a pot producible for an end consumer. Resistance and breeding is becoming a main topic but also for producers and growers, to grow sustainable is one of the major topics because at the end of the day you also have to provide a decent quality for retails and the end consumer.

The benefit to come over for both GreenTech and Flower Trials is that visitors from abroad, especially from abroad, can see in a very small radius, within a week, both everything existing and available on the genetic side from all the breeding companies together with the technology side at the RAI in Amsterdam, and there’s not one example like that in the whole world…

So I would say to everybody who wants to get that experience, come over to Amsterdam and to the Flower Trials next year.

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