Climate screens in greenhouses increase your yields and cut your costs
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Climate screens in greenhouses increase your yields and cut your costs

Author: GreenTech
Thursday, 30 November 2017

Svensson has done it again with their innovative solutions for greenhouses. They are not only leading the industry in the development of climate-screening technology, but many other sectors where textile solutions for interior spaces are a valuable. Svensson has just released a new collection of growing screens that are said to “combine form and function” thereby adding a new dimension to the customer experience in greenhouses and grow centres.

While these screens are mainly being used in grow centres, they have the potential to do so much more. The Deco Climate Screens are a further development of Svensson’s light-diffusing Harmony screen range. They help provide shade and evenly spread light throughout the assigned facility to engage the plants grows as efficiently as possible. The screens are designed to be physically attractive, but that’s not where their functionalities stop. When the outside temperature drops, the screens are designed to retain heat and maintain the environmental conditions which helps your plants as well as your operational costs.

Climate Control Function and Energy-Saving Benefits
• Light-diffusing capabilities allow sunlight to reach deeper into the plant and reduce shadowing
• The screens create a comfortable indoor climate with pleasant shading and cooling when it’s hot outside
• Better growing conditions for plants while maximizing energy savings, with a 45% to 47% energy savings potential.
(Sparks, 2017)

Design Benefits
Svensson has arranged for four colours to choose from that provide shade levels from 77% to 84%, depending on the allocated colour spectrum. The colours are only able to effect shade levels, they do not influence crop performance in terms of different colour spectrums. Additionally, the screens are available in rolling and sliding version, allowing for a more flexible installation process.

Currently the screens are being used throughout the Netherlands and the United States with the hopes to go worldwide.

For more information check out Svensson’s website

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