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TOFF talks organic farming with Pius Floris from PHC

Friday, 6 April 2018

TOFF talks organic farming with Pius Floris from PHC. This company specializes in mycorrhizae, soil bacteria and soil biology.

Plant Health Cure is specialist and market leader in the field of mycorrhiza technology and soil biology. We supply useful soil fungi and soil bacteria as well as other products that increase the plants self defence capabilities and allow them to function better. This makes it possible to save drastically on pesticides as well as on fertilisers. The user achieves at least the same production at lower costs and the plant is healthier. Plant Health Cure products thus offer a significant contribution to more sustainable green sectors.

Interest in biological solutions for soil problems is increasing rapidly. Our approach dovetails perfectly with this trend and we notice it through the constantly increasing product sales. Businessmen and managers in agriculture and horticulture, forestry, (tree) nurseries, golf courses and public green have become satisfied customers.

Plant Health Cure products are created following extensive scientific research and years of field tests. Most PHC products are biological and are composed of natural substances. We are transparant about the ingredients in our products.

PHC is one of the frontrunners of the organic industry. See you in Amsterdam this summer!

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