Horticulture Lighting

Horticulture lighting – LED and sensor solutions for optimal plant growth

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

How do we better produce food in the quality and quantity needed to feed the world?

Horticultural lighting offers an innovative way of producing food in a controlled environment, often close to large markets in urban centers. Precise LED light and advanced sensing solutions provide new possibilities for growing food in a smart, easy, and sustainable way. They allow us to adapt to the needs of different plants, monitor their growth, optimize harvests, minimize fertilizer use and reduce energy costs. In fact, LED- and sensor-based horticulture solutions demonstrate how our lives can be improved by technology.

Horticulture Lighting – Best performance delivered

Optimized LEDs and spectral sensors from ams OSRAM’s extensive product portfolio enable superior plant growth for whatever optimized growing recipe. Highest efficiency luminaires minimize energy consumption, which is key at a time of exploding energy costs and energy-saving constraints. Best in class illumination uniformity of our LEDs allows for luminaires closer to the crops and could save additional energy compared to traditional luminaires with secondary optics. Lowest possible overall system cost results from highest power LEDs reducing number of LEDs required per square meter, supported by unmatched illumination uniformity for luminaires without need for secondary optics, and long-life performance. The overdrive capability up to twice the nominal power class and low thermal resistance of our LEDs provide maximum design flexibility at optimum efficacy.

Professional Horticulture LEDs and sensors - The perfect match

The combination of pioneering wavelength-optimized LEDs over the relevant color spectrum combining with spectral sensing technologies for cutting-edge growth stimulation and precise condition monitoring.

The extensive emitter portfolio for addressing professional top/inter-lighting and vertical farming applications covers all the key growth-optimizing wavelengths and radiation-angle options needed for all types of plants and flowers. High power LED devices enable small form factors for the luminaires and allow for less shadowing.

Spectral sensing technology enables real-time monitoring of total illumination at the plants to manage adaptive lighting recipes for growth while accounting for sunlight influences in greenhouses. Chip-scale spectral sensing technology extending from the visible to the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum opens all-new arenas of condition and growth monitoring.

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