Exhibitor news

  • 6/9/2024 10:00 PM

    In an exciting development for the horticultural sector, Gardin, an innovator in optical phenotyping technology, is now available to growers using Ridder climate computers. This strategic integration marks a significant advancement in horticultural production, empowering growers with real-time photosynthesis insights to monitor plant health, measure farm productivity and optimise their climate strategies.

  • 4/30/2024 10:00 PM

    When delivering flower seeds, it is very important that the customer knows what percentage of the seeds gives usable plants. Until recently, this so called usable was determined manually. With the purchase of the GA-box from AgriData Innovations, that belongs to the past. By automating the process, the usable is now even more reliable.

  • 4/29/2024 10:00 PM

    "In the past, we could only rely on our green fingers. Now we can complement that knowledge with reliable data," says Sander Middelburg of Leen Middelburg Chrysanthemums. At the location in Maasdijk - and at some other locations of Zentoo - they are busy monitoring the crop using ADI's vision technology; the data is then integrated into Delphy's growth models. Middelburg: "If we understand the chrysanthemums better, we can make better cultivation decisions."

  • 4/23/2024 10:00 PM

    Horticoop invests in sustainable greenhouse horticulture by adding Vivent, a leader in digital crop diagnostics, whose AI-driven technology monitors plant health and alerts growers to threats before symptoms appear, aiming to enhance data-driven cultivation and sustainability in the industry.

  • 3/31/2024 10:00 PM

    Improving Water Use Efficiency in Pepper Cultivation: Collaborative Efforts by Gardin Agritech and Bayer Crop Science "Gardin’s insights allowed us to maintain high yields whilst drastically reducing our water consumption at the farm. This technology has the potential to help growers to protects themselves against the effect of adverse weather conditions, all while reducing their water reliance." - Bayer

  • 3/18/2024 11:00 PM

    Vertically Urban is thrilled to unveil its latest horticultural lighting innovations: Horti-Blaze Tunable and Odyssey Tunable, designed specifically for vertical farms and glasshouses. Representing the culmination of extensive research and development efforts at their UK-based factory, these products incorporate advanced technology that revolutionizes the way growers control light spectra, providing unparalleled customization tailored to each crop's unique needs.

  • 2/17/2024 11:00 PM

    Skytree, a pioneering climate tech company dedicated to advancing innovative CO2 capture and reutilization solutions, today announced it has been selected to receive European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator funding, securing a €2.5 Million non-dilutive grant, which brings the total funds raised by Skytree in 2023 to €13 million. In addition, EIC’s accelerator commits to participate in the next round of funding, a Series A scheduled for Spring 2024.

  • 2/13/2024 11:00 PM

    Urban Crop Solutions embraces the challenge of enhancing space efficiency in agriculture and horticulture. The 12-meter-high vertical greenhouse of Agrotopia in Belgium becomes the remarkable stage for an innovative project marking a significant transformation in the field of vertical horticulture. The project’s objective is to provide effective solutions for space utilization, positioning Flanders as a leader in innovation and sustainability within the agri-food industry.

  • 2/12/2024 11:00 PM

    Ook in 2024 zet de groei van het ledenbestand van AVAG zich door. Het platform voor bedrijven die actief zijn in de internationale glastuinbouw verwelkomde onlangs Verkade Klimaat, dat onder de naam Verkade Climate tuinbouwprojecten uitvoert. 'Met de aansluiting bij de branchevereniging willen we laten zien dat we staan voor kwaliteit en service', zegt Rosanne Brabander, bij het bedrijf verantwoordelijk voor marketing.

  • 2/5/2024 11:00 PM

    A pioneering project led by LettUs Grow - in collaboration with Fotenix, Rothamsted Research, CHAP, and Vertically Urban - is set to revolutionise the Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA) landscape in the UK. The Advanced Crop Dynamic Control (ACDC) project aims to develop highly energy-efficient and sustainable indoor farming systems through image-based analysis, AI and software that optimises the growing environment based on plant health and dynamic market environments.

  • 1/31/2024 11:00 PM

    Many years of experience, research, and investments have gone into developing and manufacturing the Ellepot System, and we secure this work through product patents. This ensures that we can deliver the highest quality to our customers. The Ellepot sleeve system gives growers a fully automated system with a unique new precision seeding technology.

  • 11/26/2023 11:00 PM

    Urban Crop Solutions, a leading provider of advanced vertical farming solutions, is proud to announce that they have started a collaboration and delivered an advanced indoor vertical farm installation to BASF, a global leader in the agriculture and chemical industry. This installation will be used to accelerate the development by BASF of different projects related with new agricultural solutions in a more sustainable way. The cooperation foresees also the support of the plant science division of Urban Crop Solutions to the research team of BASF that is working on the development of new products.

  • 10/23/2023 10:00 PM

    Kirsten Leiss and her team at Wageningen University are pioneering the use of electrophysiological sensors to detect plant stress caused by pests and diseases like mildew and thrips up to six days before visible symptoms occur, potentially revolutionizing crop management with data-driven cultivation systems.

  • 10/9/2023 10:00 PM

    Seamlessly Merging Climate Control and Autonomous Greenhouse Technologies Priva and Koidra, two world leaders in greenhouse growing systems, are excited to announce an innovative new partnership.

  • 6/3/2023 10:00 PM

    The Challenge?: Finding a better lighting solution for cannabis growth capable of providing even lighting to all parts of the plant. The Hortiv Solution: After a number of steps combining development and on-site trials together with the GREENKOM team, Hortiv delivered lamps with the special features needed for more efficient production of medical cannabis. The new lamps require less power, produce less heat, and provide more precise lighting. The Result: Thanks to even lighting, the plants’ production rate is higher, their flowers are more uniform, and all this takes place with lower power consumption for both lighting and cooling.

  • 6/3/2023 10:00 PM

    The Challenge: To find the right lighting to be installed inside the growing device, that will be suitable for home use - safe and efficient. The Hortiv Solution The HORTIV solution was chosen for 2 reasons, 1. The strong local presence of the distributor and its ability to give quick and comprehensive customer support 2. A good cost - effective ratio The Result: AGWA’s customers are enjoying a great product. Precise lighting at a reasonable price plays a great role in the final result - all features which competitors were not able to offer.

  • 6/3/2023 10:00 PM

    The Challenge: To find lightning fixtures that are suitable for different types of vertical growing systems and expand the range of crops that can be efficiently cultivated this way. The Hortiv Solution: Hortiv’s systems and support gave Vertical Field the flexibility it required, with more adaptable and adjustable equipment and solutions, by performing trials for the particular needs of vertical farming together. The Result: Vertical Field is now able to extend its research and development efforts with lighting that is appropriate for different types of crops and stages of development.

  • 6/3/2023 10:00 PM

    The Challenge: Plantae’s researchers were looking for a system that would allow flexibility when implementing varied lighting regimes in the growth rooms in order to study the reaction of plants to different growing conditions. The Hortiv Solution: The answer was to install two systems in parallel: The first steup provides flexibility for Plantae to test and find the optimal conditions required for growing the various tissue cultures in their collection. The second one, in which the composition of the light is predetermined and supports previously calibrated plant tissue culture growing protocols. The Result: Based on these observations, Plantae formulated precise work protocols needed to reliably produce a wide range of plants in cultures.