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Food safety and scarcity is a global neccesity. The challenges of providing healthy food for a fast growing world population, are becoming more difficult every day.

GreenTech is proud to bring companies together that tackle urgent matters surrounding providing food worldwide.
Since 2014, GreenTech connects innovative and practical solutions to challenges in the vegetable, flower, soft fruits and medicinal cannabis industries.
At our trade shows we facilitate the making of face-to-face connections which we expand online, after, and in between our live events.


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The GreenTech community regularly comes together. Face to face and online. We intertwine live meetings, with online meetings through our websites, social media and email campaigns – 365 days a year. 

Grounded in data
Data provide insight. Through data we know which information is wanted by decision makers and we share that knowledge with you. Online data tell us which topics are hot and which are not.

Delivering the best content
Our dedicated team lives and breathes the horticulture world. Content is produced specifically for our target audience. Together we find a relevant topic and create content that your audience is looking for.

Reaching decision makers
Our website and webinar visitors grow larger every month, and the number of followers on our social media platforms grow exponentially! With our large database of horticulture professionals, we can target your audience to match your needs. 

Building thought leaders
Do you want to become an expert in your field? The GreenTech community can help you reach that position. With a focus on content strategy and extremely relevant content, we can help build your authority in the market.