Indoor and vertical farming: Food Safety, Waste, and Security in the wake of COVID-19

Tuesday 9 June at 16:00 (UTC +2)

Will Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) make a meaningful impact on food safety, food waste, and food security during and post-COVID-19?

This webinar will begin with 3 real-world examples of vertical farming tackling COVID-19. Then, a panel discussion of experts across the global food system will dive deeper into the flaws in our food supply chain revealed by the COVID-19 global pandemic. How can we improve our food safety in the future and what is the role of CEA? Food waste is reaching new alarming levels during COVID-19, how do the experts think the best farmers and countries are adapting? And what about food security? Will COVID-19 and CEA improve our global food security in the long-run?

Expert, thought-provoking questions, discussions, and audience poll, and real-world examples in this panel organized in partnership with Agritecture and FarmTech Society.