Visit the Organic Farmers fair

The Organic Farmers Fair is the place to be if you are a professional in the agriculture industry. We provide you with concrete answers to all essential questions when it comes to technology and innovation for organic farming. We also offer exclusive knowledge sessions.

Founding partner: Roelof Drost from Jiffy

Why visit TOFF 2018?

In June 2018 TOFF, The Organic Farmers Fair, opens its doors for the first time! TOFF will be the new international meeting place with 3 days of knowledge and innovation sharing about organic farming!

The Organic Farmers Fair is the good momentum for suppliers in seeds and seedlings, fertilizers, composting technology, biological pest control, weed control systems, GPS systems, soil cultivation, greenhouse horticulture, research and advice. These companies now have no suitable international trade fair to meet their customers.

It will be possible for all visitors to visit both GreenTech and The Organic Farmers Fair.