11 - 12 - 13 June 2019 | Visitor registration now open

GreenTech Horticulture Trade Show

GreenTech Amsterdam is the place to be if you are a professional in the horticulture industry. We provide you with concrete answers to all essential questions when it comes to technology and innovation for the production of vegetables, fruit and flowers. During this years event, visitors discover the latest trends, developments and solutions in the horticulture industry, special pavilions and theatres. 


Theme pillars

Spread across the different halls, grouped together under one roof on the exhibition floor at GreenTech Amsterdam, you will find products, services, innovations and solutions in the following themes. The GreenTech programme is built on these themes. 


In the agricultural industry energy constitutes a large part of the operating expense, especially in the horticultural business. Additionally, energy production and supply form an important source of income, and more and more initiatives around this theme are being launched.

GreenTech Amsterdam strongly focuses on the theme 'Energy', providing ample opportunity to share and gain knowledge and make new business contacts. 



Water is the source of everything. Without water there is no life and growth. Unfortunately, the scarcity of water soil salinity is increasing. Water is the primary requirement for plant growth. 

GreenTech Amsterdam aims to assist your organisation in successfully marketing your innovations and promoting your new solutions in the field of water. 



The changing weather conditions but also the rapidly evolving Technology and R&D solutions have a huge impact on the growing and further developed of crops.

The Crops theme at GreenTech Amsterdam offers innovative tools and gives you insides in the solutions as well as inspiration for new crops and is a must-stop for every grower.



Like in many industries people are the driving force in horticulture. At GreenTech Amsterdam we focus on human capital development and how new technologies can drive the industry forward.

These technologies include robotics, internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intellligence (AI). Other topics under this umbrella are education and bringing new and young talent into the industry.

GreenTech Pavilions

During GreenTech Amsterdam 2019, all that GreenTech has to offer is organised into halls, Theme Pavilions and Country Pavilions. Also make sure to browse our Theme Pillars section to explore all that we have to offer in terms of water technology and solutions.

Organic Pavilion

In June 2019, the Organic Pavilion will be an important part of GreenTech. This is the place to be if you are a professional in the horticulture industry. This is where we provide you with concrete answers to all essential questions when it comes to technology and innovation for organic horticulture.

The Organic Pavilion includes the following topics: fertilisers, composting, green manure - seeds - energy (solar, biogass, etc.) - weed control - research and advisory - housing certifiers - personnel management - Biological crop protections - soil tillage - processing equipment - monitoring and robotization

Cannabis Pavilion

The cannabis production process is a high-tech industry that has grown enormously in the last few years. Worldwide there are an increasing amount of countries where the cultivation of cannabis is legalised and for that reason, the demand for high-tech greenhouses and technology is increasing. GreenTech Amsterdam is the place where the latest trends, developments and growth markets from international horticulture are shown and (medicinal) cannabis cultivation is definitely one of them. At GreenTech Amsterdam 2019 will give you a complete picture of the specific technology used for the cultivation of cannabis. In addition to the topic of medicinal cannabis, cultivation will also play an important role in our knowledge programme and different sessions will be devoted to this topic. The following topics will be discussed:

Cultivation technology, automation, climate control - crop protection - machines specifically for the hemp (shredders, oil presses) - certification - seeds and young plants - food - software - lighting - consulting - media

Vertical Farming Pavilion

GreenTech is organising a dedicated Vertical Farming Pavilion where all innovation, knowledge and technology in Vertical Farming comes together. This successful formula was introduced in 2016 and has increased in size each year! The pavilion will feature the Vertical Farming Café with a superb programme of roundtable talks lead by international experts on the topics of AI in Vertical Farming, Standardisation and Data, Innovation in Systems and'Medicinal Plant Growing.

Are you an international top player in vertical farming technology and do you have the newest techniques that will help growers to optimise their production in their Vertical Farm? Join the pavilion and meet an anticipated 11,000 experts at GreenTech Amsterdam 2019. 

Precision Horticulture Pavilion

In the future, precision horticulture will play an increasingly important role in the process of growing in greenhouses and growers will increasingly be able to measure the greenhouse per square meter. At this pavilion, you will get an update of the current state of affairs and can take a look at where the technology will go in the future. GreenTech Amsterdam is the place to be where the latest technological developments are shown and at the Precision Horticulture pavilion where we create an informative hotspot with the most important stakeholders in the following segments: Cameras - software - robotics - sensors - track & tracing.

Participants of the precision horticulture pavilion include: Wageningen University - HortiKey - Letsgrow.com - Horticoop.


GreenTech Amsterdam is all about sharing knowledge. Together with our exhibitors and partners, we have put together a programme where growers in vegetable, fruit & flowers and horticulture investors from all over the world get updated on how to optimize sustainable crop production and all other relevant themes and developments in the horticulture industry. All presentations are judged by an independent Knowledge Session Committee. Members are: Sjaak Bakker Manager Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, Aad van den Berg Managing Director Delphy, Gabrielle Nuijtens Managing Director Topsector HortiCulture & starting materials, Roger Abbenhuijs journalist Onder Glas / In Greenhouses.

Food & Flowers in Greenhouses Theatre

  • Organic crop production
    • Rules and regulation
    • Organic crop control
  • New crops
    • Soft fruits
    • Cannabis
    • Vanilla
    • Algae
  • Crops management
    • QMS
  • Adaptive production system design
    • Greenhouse of the future
    • Modelling
    • Advice for different regions
  • Product quality, safety & security
    • Sustainable crop protection and resilience
    • Product safety

Climate, Water and Energy Theatre

  • Energy efficiency
    • Fossil free cultivation
    • Control excess humidity
    • Air quality
    • Optimizing sun energy
  • Water efficiency
    • Water saving and recirculation
    • Desalination
    • Irrigation
  • Greenhouse environment
    • Artificial light
      • Added value of light on all kinds of nutritional components
      • Advantages
    • Climate control
    • Energy saving / screening
    • Climate control (heating and cooling the greenhouse)
  • Growing without daylight.(Vertical Farming)
  • Growing media
    • Root environment
    • Contribution to sustainability
    • Hydroponic and aquaponic techniques

Trends & Innovation Theatre

  • Precision horticulture
    • Sensing
    • AI
    • Data
    • Algorithm cultivation
    • Autonomous greenhouse
  • Robotics
    • Human capital development
    • Robotic developments and awareness
    • Required adjustments and challenges
  • Urbanization
    • Urban farming
    • Cultivation in vertical farming
    • Medicinal crops & nutraceuticals
    • Feeding mega cities
  • Aqua culture
  • Alternative protein