CO2 Optimizer

CO2 Optimizer


Growers tend to supplement CO2 in their greenhouse using a combination of educated guesswork and their talent and skill for growing crops. Adding CO2 is a matter of 'feeling', because it is simply not possible to measure the effectiveness of CO2. That is, until now. Ridder has, in partnership with Wageningen University, developed the CO2 Optimizer.

This smart and helpful software module calculates the optimum level of CO2 in the greenhouse, enabling the grower to determine the most effective CO2 dose. The result: no more worrying about your CO2 strategy - it will always be on point for the best possible yields!

How does it work?

The software calculates the ideal CO2 level in the greenhouse for the plants, the environment and the grower's wallet. The grower only needs to enter two simple parameters, such as the expected price of the crop after harvesting and the price paid for CO2 in euros per kilo. It is possible to include multiple sources of CO2 with different prices in this calculation. The software even produces easy-to-read graphs and tables, so the grower can see the optimum level of CO2 and the influence of costs and yields. Of course, the climate computer can make automatic control adjustments based on this data.

No more CO2 wasted

The software makes wasted CO2 is a thing of the past, and contributes directly to the grower's bottom line! And it is beneficial for the environment too.

Easy to integrate

The CO2 Optimizer is a software module that works seamlessly with HortiMaX process computers and can be fully integrated into our Synopta operating software.


More information?

If you would like more information, please contact Ridder at +31 (0)15 – 362 03 00 or one of our dealers near you. You can also visit the website


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