How is ISO Group doing?

  • 13 June, 2017
  • GreenTech & ISO Group
  • Vegetables Innovator
As a family company, in 2002 ISO Group started to develop and deliver machinery for covered horticulture. ISO Group specialists have technical high-quality knowledge that they use to automate the most difficult processes, in cooperation with their customers.

The ISO Plantsampler has become a winner in the "Production" category. The ISO Plantsampler automates the collection of DNA material. In this germination proces it's crucial to get to know the DNA profile of the new variations. Till now DNA material has been collected by manually taking leave samples of a plant and analyzing these with DNA sequencers. The ISO Plantsampler automates this process by taking samples from a leave of a seedling and gather these on a microtiterplate. This prevents making human mistakes when taking samples manually. The ISO PlantSampler is currently in production for several companies all over the world.

Watch the video and find out how the ISO Group is doing. Any questions? Please contact one of our team members! 

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