GreenTech Summit 2019: Autonomous Technology

  • 28 March, 2019
  • GreenTech
  • Circular horticulture

The GreenTech Summit will be all about autonomous technology. We will discuss opportunities that it presents for our industry, for other industries and for us, people.

Autonomous technology will change our industry more than we are able to imagine. It wil solve problems, change systems and present new challenges. Challenges that we, the people, will solve, because we have solved challenges for 50.000 years.

We are proud to announce our closing keynote speaker for the GreenTech Summit 2019. Corporate Anthropologist Jitske Kramer travels around the world searching for ways to build strong tribes and to reinforce the relationships between people. She will share her knowledge with us to help us improve the strength of people in our rapidly changing, technological world.

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