GreenTech Summit 11 June 2018: The Future of horticulture - Insights for the next decade

  • 09 April, 2018
  • GreenTech
  • Circular horticulture

Only a few hundred carefully selected growers and investors from around the world will be able to attend the GreenTech Summit on 11 June 2018 at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in the Netherlands. You can be one of them!

We hereby invite you to be our guest at the GreenTech Summit 2018 - The Future of Horticulture, Insights for The Next Decade

Why the Summit is a must:

  • Only major industry players to be invited
  • Experts and visionaries will provide their specific views on what the world of horticulture will be like in 2028.
  • The ultimate networking opportunity with leading growers and horticulture investors.
  • The Summit will be held the day before the GreenTech Amsterdam 2018 trade show; an ideal combination.
  • And an opportunity to enjoy the city of Amsterdam.
  • If you are interested in what the next decade will bring, register now.

    More details about the programme:

    Morning (plenary)

    Official opening

    The Netherlands have been the hub for advanced horticultural development for over 50 years. Futurists and experts from the international horticultural industry, research institutes and government bodies will share their insights & experience and contribute to a morning of inspiration and information that will help you to define your next steps.

    Next Leadership: Stijn Baan & Martin Koppert

    Stijn Baan (Koppert Cress) and Martin Koppert (Koppert Biological Systems) In a short keynote, Stijn and Martin will share their vision on the next decade, focusing on resilient growing systems and next leadership.

    Greenhouse Technology: Collaborate, Educate, Innovate! - Mike Vermeij

    On behalf of the horticulture sector, Mike Vermeij (BOM Group) will share his vision on collaboration and innovation in the Green Technology Industry. Mike will focus on the opportunities to create improved food security under challenging conditions including in megacities and arid regions.

    Science & Research: Ernst van den Ende

    Ernst van den Ende (Wageningen University & Research) will share his vision on what the focus areas for research will be, where innovation and change can be expected and where we will be in 10 years’ time.

    Afternoon (parallel)

    Invitees will be able to choose two out of three breakout sessions that provide deeper insights, broader perspectives and focused networks.

    A. The Next Leadership Who are the next leaders in horticulture and how will they collaborate? How can we help each other in our efforts to face the next challenge? And how can we join forces to face our shared challenges in international growth, sustainable production and innovation? B. The Next Crops: Medicinal and Nutraceutical Crops How do new crops like cannabis contribute to the ‘greenhouse pharmacy’ vision? What are the opportunities and risks involved in making the switch to growing medicinal crops? C. The Next Growing Solutions Light, water, energy and nutrients are the essentials for growth. How do innovations in glass, renewable energy, water purification, nutrient recycling, biomass and biology contribute to our growing solutions?

    Afternoon (plenary)

    The Next Big Wave of Change in (Green) Technology: Christian Kromme Christian Kromme, author of ‘Humanification’ will help us to unlock the DNA of innovation itself, to apply it to our (horticulture) business, our community and our life. Imagine being able to spot the next big trend or being able to predict the next big wave of change. Imagine having a code that gives you the power to invent, predict or harness the next big technology.

    End – Drinks for invitees & speakers

    To conclude the day, invitees and speakers will be invited for a drink.

    What else

    Combine your stay and visit the GreenTech Amsterdam 2018 (12 – 14 June) after the GreenTech Summit (11 June) and take advantage of the opportunity to visit growers during the FlowerTrials. Naturally, you can also enjoy everything Amsterdam has to offer.

    As the organisers of this Summit it is our pleasure to invite you to join us 11 June.

    We kindly ask that you RSVP as soon as possible, but no later than 11 May.

    Mariska Dreschler
    Director Horticulture



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