GreenTech Innovation Awards

It’s all about innovations at the GreenTech Amsterdam and to put the innovations of our exhibitors in the spotlight we organize the GreenTech innovation awards.

At our InnovationLAB all nominees will be shown and every innovation which is submitted for the GreenTech innovation Awards will be part of the special GreenTech Amsterdam Innovation route.

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This year we award innovation in 4 categories

Innovation Award

The award for the most unique, high-tech and advanced technological innovation.

Sustainability Award

The award for the best sustainable solution on one of the GreenTech themes Water, Energy, Crops, People.

Impact Award

The award for the innovation with a large scale impact and an innovative contribution to the worldwide food supply. Ideas and solutions from growers also apply.

Concept Award

The award for an innovation which is not on the market yet and has the most potential to have a successful market introduction within 2 years.

InNovation Award Committee

Winners GreenTech Innovation Awards 2018

INNOVATION AWARD WINNER: IRIS! Scroutobot - Metazet-FormFlex, Micothon & Ecoation 

SUSTAINABILITY AWARD WINNER: Poseidon Sodium Extractor - Van der Ende Groep

IMPACT AWARD WINNER: Priva Acedemy -  Priva Horticulture BV                         

CONCEPT AWARD WINNER: Autostix - Visser Horti Systems