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Plan your day to maximise your time at GreenTech Amsterdam. The trade show takes up four different halls, and focusses on four main themes, that are grouped together for your convenience. You will find presentations, products, services, innovations and solutions as follows:


In the agricultural industry energy constitutes a large part of the operating expense, especially in the horticultural business. Additionally, energy production and supply form an important source of income, and more and more initiatives around this theme are being launched.

GreenTech Amsterdam strongly focuses on the theme 'Energy', providing ample opportunity to share and gain knowledge and make new business contacts. 



Water is the source of everything. Without water there is no life and growth. Unfortunately, the scarcity of water soil salinity is increasing. Water is the primary requirement for plant growth. 

GreenTech Amsterdam aims to assist your organisation in successfully marketing your innovations and promoting your new solutions in the field of water. 



The changing weather conditions but also the rapidly evolving Technology and R&D solutions have a huge impact on the growing and further developed of crops.

The Crops theme at GreenTech Amsterdam offers innovative tools and gives you insides in the solutions as well as inspiration for new crops and is a must-stop for every grower.



Like in many industries people are the driving force in horticulture. At GreenTech Amsterdam we focus on human capital development and how new technologies can drive the industry forward.

These technologies include robotics, internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intellligence (AI). Other topics under this umbrella are education and bringing new and young talent into the industry.