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Agriculture is a precise science, and data is your business advantage. The 30MHz Smart Sensing Toolkit consists of sensors that takes minutes to deploy and send data to an intuitive dashboard. Make the best decisions for your agribusiness with real-time information on your crops straight to your smartphone or desktop.
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AB Greenhouse Power Netherlands BV

With more than 30 years of experience in the greenhouse cogeneration sector, the multidisciplinary organization and the technical know-how of AB, AB GPN is the one stop shop for your future greenhouse cogeneration projects. For AB GPN it’s more than selling an engine: we are selling a total integrated greenhouse cogeneration solution with the highest quality standards. From green field engineering to a full AB protection maintenance plant for a complete solution.
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Aduno Srl

Under our brand BASIC5 we manifacture a complete range of thermal screens, ready to satisfy all needs for protected crops.They meet every climate control requirement inside and outside the greenhouse: energy saving, cooling, shading, blackout,supplementary light reflection,... BASIC5 range also includes a line of nets and technical textiles: shading nets, anti-insect nets, windbreak nets, anti-hail nets,…Supplying simple, reliable and basic products for everyone, without neglecting quality. That’s our aim.
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Advanced UV Light GmbH

Advanced UV Light is a specialty manufacturer of technical light sources. For many years we have been delivering high quality lamps for the horticulture market that have been developed and manufactured in Germany. AUVL is part of the international JW Holding Group and benefits from having access to the highest competence in the field of science and technology. This also includes an international network, first class service, quality and state-of-the-art logistic solutions.
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AGC Chemicals Europe

AGC offers a range of fluorinated materials, including a super thin ETFE film for greenhouse covering, F-CLEAN™. Also known as ETFE foil, F-CLEAN™ improves the growth efficiency of fruit, vegetables and plants inside large-scale greenhouses. It has a higher rate of light and UV transmission than glass, polyethylene or polycarbonate, allowing the full spectrum of solar light to pass through into the growing area. This results in earlier blooms and more colourful petals, as well as sweeter fruit.
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AGRAGEX a non profit organization, is currently comprised by 125 associated companies spread out across the whole of spain and responsible for 90% of the spanish exports within the sector ( machinery and its components, greenhouses and crop protection, irrigation systems, livestock equipment, nutrition and animal health, forestry machinery, biomass and post-harvesting equipment)
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Agralan Ltd

Pheromone traps for insect monitoring have become an essential aid to integrated crop management. Agralan have been supplying traps for over 25 years and are continually working to develop new pheromone traps for a wide variety of insect pests.
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Agri Sciences

Agri Sciences started its activities in January 2010 in Izmir as one of many companies and concerns of global GMS HOLDINGS. Established on 26.01.2010 Agri Sciences continues its activities on 5,000 m2 of closed and 12,000 m2 of total space at Pancar Place. EC, SC, SL, WP, SP, WG, SG and DF formulations, Plant Protection and Plant Nutrition products are manufactured with latest technology equipments. Our aim is to become a world leader in agriculture with international client potential. We will achieve thi
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AGRIMEC was founded in 1979, in Casazza, a small village at 70 km from Milan. After 30 years AGRIMEC has built a brand that is renowned throughout Italy in the design and installation of greenhouses for flower and vegetable-growing to suit all sizes and satisfy all demands for both the hobbyists and the professional. AGRIMEC’s greenhouses are built with high-quality European raw materials and with an attention to detail to ensure greater efficiency and easier assembly. In recent years design has focu
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Agriplast has been established in 1975 in Vittoria (Rg) where till today has the factory and the headquarters. The factory rests on an area of about 30.000 sq.m. The area in which we are focused the most is the production of large film for agricultural usage. The tecnology employed is that of the blown co-extrusion with three layers and -for the first time in Europe for this purpose- five layers.
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