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Innovation is an essential theme at GreenTech Amsterdam and is named as the number one reason why people visit the show. With the introduction of the InnovationLAB, GreenTech Amsterdam offers a central stage for all innovation at the show. The InnovationLAB showcases the nominated products of the GreenTech Innovation Award and visitors can browse individual nominee information on tablets. Throughout the show the stage hosts seminars, workshops, debates and presentations. The InnovationLAB also features a NEWSROOM where interviews are conducted and recorded by film crews. Flying reporters collect content about the show and its exhibitors.


GreenTech Innovation & Concept Award

The GreenTech Innovation Award enjoys industry prestige and a worldwide commercial impact.The winners and the nominees are seen as trendsetters for the next generation of product development.


Startup Lane

Part of the InnovationLAB is the Startup Lane which offers start-ups and young professionals an interactive platform in order to bring their innovative ideas to the market or to new find business partners. At the Greentech InnovationLAB we offer Startups and show visitors the unique opportunity to get into contact with eachoter in the InnovationLAB Starup Lane specifically designed for them. Next to being able to interact with the startups the visitor can also visit the live Startups pitches.



As the name suggests, this part of the InnovationLAB is all about giving show visitors the chance to experience the technology of the future in real live demonstrations. It is the “science center” of GreenTech where you can see, feel, taste and experience upcoming technology solutions that are still at the research or testing phase. This is a great way to gain a sneak preview of what the future has in store.

InnovationLAB ON STAGE

InnovationLab ON STAGE

The InnovationLAB ON STAGE features an open audience seating area where visitors can listen to various presentations and an AV screen.

The InnovationLAB is located in the especially constructed 2SaveEnergy Greenhouse, a collaboration between Van der Valk Systemen B.V., Boal Group B.V., VDH Solar B.V. and AGC Chemicals Europe Ltd.


InnovationLab NEWSROOM

The InnovationLAB NEWSROOM features live interviews recorded and edited live by RAI film crews.

The Jury

Mr. Aalt Dijkhuizen - former President and Chairman of Wageningen University and Research Centre, chairman
Roger Abbenhuijs - Editor-in-chief of Onder Glas, the monthly magazine for greenhouse growers (The Netherlands)
Dr. Heinrich Dressler - Editor of Gärtnerbörse, the only German trade medium which reports exclusively on the cultivation and marketing of ornamental plants <
Linda Kaluzny-Pinon - Technical horticulture journalist (France)
Jacco Strating - Editor-in-chief at KAS TuinbouwCommunicatie (The Netherlands)

GreenTech Innovation Award 2016


Nominees & Winner 2016

At GreenTech 2016 refreshing innovative products on the market today were placed under the spotlight. Innovative products and solutions enjoyed the attention of the global media.
From 73 products entered, the GreenTech Innovation Award jury has shortlisted 15 nominees to win this year's competition.

The proceeds of the GreenTech Innovation Award go to: AMREF, A healthy future for girls in Kilindi (Tanzania)

RAI Amsterdam is committed to creating a healthier future for all of us. In light of this principle, the proceeds of GreenTech Amsterdam GreenTech Innovation Award will be donated to AMREF Flying Doctors, to support their projects in Kilindi, Tanzania.

The project: A healthy future for girls in Kilindi!
In January 2016 Amref Flying Doctors started a project in Kilindi, a remote area in Tanzania, to improve the health of girls and young women by introducing the alternative rite of passage for female genital cutting and increasing the access to safe drinking water, good sanitation and hygiene.
The focus of the project is on the empowerment of young girls and decision makers in their community in order to:

  • reduce Female Genital Cutting (FGM) among girls in the Kilindi district (Tanzania);
  • reduce water-, hygiene and sanitation related diseases in communities by increasing access to clean and safe water and reliable sanitation facilities in households and schools;
  • improve knowledge, attitudes and practices of communities to prevent water and sanitation related diseases.
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