GreenTech Amsterdam
13 - 14 - 15 June 2023


With the start of GreenTech Amsterdam 2023, you’ll have to divide your attention over specific areas and knowledge theatres at the show floor. Vertical Farming, Plant Compounds and the latest addition Robotics/AI (Artificial Intelligence) will each have their own pavilion and it should be clear, it is the crème de la crème in front of you. On top of this, there will be a special Robot Arena, where exhibitors demonstrate their robots live to you and almost 14.000 other horticulture professionals!

AI & Robotics

GreenTech Amsterdam 2023 forms the ideal platform where knowledge, technology and innovation come together. This pavilion puts the spotlight on all the latest technological developments in the field of Robotics and AI!

Get inspired and meet all the key market players at pavilion Robotics/AI!

All marketleaders in Robotics & AI will exhibit within the Robotics & AI pavilion
Exhibitors can demonstrate their robotics live to 13.000 horticulture professionals

Robot Arena and Competition

To spice things up a little and show the latest innovations and robotics, we designed a special area at the show floor: ‘The Robot Arena’. Exhibitors will give a live demonstration of their robotics to you and participate in a real theme competition: the Robot Challenge!

Plant Compounds Pavilion

Plant compounds like medicinal cannabis and leafy greens, such as lettuce and herbs, are becoming more and more common for investors and entrepreneurs to invest time and money in. These plant compounds have an enormous impact on a new wave of health and beauty products. 

All marketleaders in Medicinal Cannabis will exhibit within the Medicinal Cannabis pavilion
All marketleaders in Vertical Farming will exhibit within the Vertical Farming pavilion

Vertical Farming Pavilion

The global horticultural community is growing rapidly and it’s Vertical Farming that makes many horticultural hearts beat faster. Most likely you are one of them and that is understandable. The sky is the limit in this pavilion and you will only find giants over here, who will do their very best to inspire you!

Renewable Energy Pavilion

Renewable energy is becoming more and more important. The horticulture sector is evolving with the latest trends and being at the Renewable Energy Pavilion will give you the chance to experience these new trends and insights into the industry.

Renewable energy

Start-up Pavilion

At the Start-up Pavilion you can find new companies that are contributing to the horticulture sector in different ways. Here you will have the opportunity to get to know these Start-up’s and their ideas.