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With the start of GreenTech Amsterdam 2023, 13,000 horticultural professionals will divide their attention over specific areas and knowledge theatres at the show floor. Vertical Farming, Medicinal Cannabis, Start-ups, and the latest addition Robotics/AI (Artificial Intelligence) will each have their own pavilion and it should be clear, both visitors and exhibitors can indulge themselves. On top of this, there will be a special Robot Arena, where exhibitors will have the opportunity to demonstrate their robotics live to the audience!

All marketleaders in Robotics & AI will exhibit within the Robotics & AI pavilion

Robotics & AI

GreenTech Amsterdam 2023 offers the ideal platform where knowledge, technology and innovation come together. This pavilion puts the spotlight on all the latest technological developments in the field of Robotics and AI.

Join all the key market players, that are already part of pavilion Robotics/AI!

Start-up Pavilion

The Start-up Pavilion offers a one of a kind opportunity to gain brand exposure within the fast-growing horticulture community. Start-ups are known for their innovative ideas, but sometimes have the lack of (financial) resources to really put their product of service in the spotlights. Via this pavilion, GreenTech helps these start-ups and gives them a platform. After all, innovation is the sector’s main driver.

Exhibitors can demonstrate their robotics live to 13.000 horticulture professionals

Robot Arena and Competition

To demonstrate the latest innovations and robotics, we designed a special area at the show floor ‘The Robot Arena’. Here your robotics immediately shine among investors, decision makers, growers and breeders and all the other audience of GreenTech Amsterdam 2022.

For all robotic solutions present at GreenTech Amsterdam 2022, we organize a special theme competition: the Robot Challenge. As an exhibitor you can compete for this prestigious prize, with robotics approved for greenhouses, tree nursery, fruit, vegetables and flowers.

On the first two days of the exhibition, participants demonstrate their robots to the jury, who will announce the winner on the end of the second day of the show (15 June). Just by showcasing your robot at the Robot Arena and/or at your stand, you’ll be part of the Robot Challenge. In other words, exhibit at GreenTech Amsterdam 2022 and who knows, your robot might win the award and a (shared) time slot at the Vision Stage! If you have any further questions, please feel free to send an email to

Medicinal Cannabis Pavilion

Medicinal Cannabis is booming and its own pavilion is therefore inevitable. The fact that the target group will find its way to this pavilion in large numbers, should be beyond convincing to group your innovation among all leaders in the field of Medicinal Cannabis!

All marketleaders in Medicinal Cannabis will exhibit within the Medicinal Cannabis pavilion
All marketleaders in Vertical Farming will exhibit within the Vertical Farming pavilion

Vertical Farming Pavilion

The global horticultural community is growing rapidly and it’s Vertical Farming that makes many horticultural hearts beat faster. At the Vertical Farming pavilion, you don’t have to complain about a lack of attention and you will see that all professionals will almost climb on top of each other to catch a glimpse of your exhibition stand!