Richard van Hooijdonk

Sustainable Development for a Prosperous Future

Speaker: Mr. André Kuipers
Medical doctor, Astronaut and Ambassador of Planet Earth

After years of training in Houston, Moscow, Cologne, Montreal and Tokyo, a Russian spaceship launched Mr. André Kuipers and his two crew members in December 2011 from Kazakhstan. Kuipers is record holder of the longest spaceflight in European history and the first Dutchman with two space missions to his name.

He will point out why we need disruptive technology and biology to innovate and improve horticulture as well as make it more sustainable.

During his space journeys, André’s favourite seat was near one of the windows to enjoy the spectacular view of earth. He saw a world without borders with deserts, forests, the most beautiful islands and immense oceans. A blue paradise in the vast, black universe. But he also saw a fragile and vulnerable planet protected by a very thin atmosphere without which life is impossible. He saw deforestation, air pollution in major cities and a web of lights at night as a reminder of a rapidly growing world population.

Mr. Kuipers will point out the crucial relevance of technological and biological developments that can help to sustainably increase production to serve a growing population. He has seen the planet’s vulnerability and its limited resources and will show us why we need to prioritize our future and that of our planet.

Andre Kuipers
Richard van Hooijdonk

Disruptive Technology and Horticulture 2030

Speaker: Mr. Richard van Hooijdonk

New technologies are bringing major changes. These will change people, organisations and business models. How can and will they affect the horticultural industry? How will Robotics, Internet of Things and Big Data take horticulture to the next level? These subjects will be addressed by Mr. Richard van Hooijdonk, top inspirational speaker. His speech is titled: Horticulture 2030: Are you ready for the future?

With his international research team Van Hooijdonk investigates ‘megatrends’ like robots, drones, internet-of-things, 3D/4D printing, big data and the applications in a variety of industries including horticulture. More than 300,000 people have attended his international masterclasses and inspirational sessions. Van Hooijdonk also lectures at Nyenrode Business University and Erasmus University.

Breakout Sessions

Changing the Game

Moderator: Mr. Maren Schoormans
Time: 12:00 hrs
Room: E102
Time: 14:00 hrs
Room: E106-E107

Why today's growers don't understand urban farming
The birth of a new industry
 Mr. Roman Gaus | Mr. Mark Durno
Urban Farmers Switzerland

South Africa: Moving inside
Professor Erik Holm | Mr. Ian van Brouwershaven
ZZ2 South Africa

Reducing Resources

Moderator: Mr. Joost Verheijen
Time: 12:00 hrs
Room: E106-E107
Time: 14:00 hrs
Room: E102

"Easygrow Plants"- making gardening easier for the novice gardener
Mr. Tim Clapp
B&Q United Kingdom

Inter Industry cooperation to reduce & reuse
Mr. Robert Kielstra
Agriport A7 NL

greentech summit growing markets

Growing Markets

Moderator: t.b.a.
Room: E104-E105

Innovations towards Food Security & Water
Conservation in Arid Land
Mr. Faris Farrag
Bustan Aquaponics Egypt

China - Ambitious to Grow
Ms. Alice Wang
Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice Co. China


Joseph Simcox

Global plant expeditions and their meaning for humanity's future

Speaker: Mr. Joseph Simcox
Botanical explorer and food plant ecologist

Joseph Simcox, “The Botanical Explorer”is a seasoned ethnobotanist with anintrinsic fascination of nature, spendinghis childhood exploring natural wondersof the world. A budding botanist by theage of 12, early collections of orchids,begonias, and African violets would laterdefine the very essence of his life’s work.To ultimately increase biodiversity in theplant kingdom by traveling the globe toidentify, collect, grow and preserve someof the rarest species of plants known byman.

Joseph’s insatiable quest for discoveringand revitalizing languishing specieskeeps him searching by way of land,sea and sky. When not traveling, heresearches books, adding to his vastplant knowledge. Learning botanicalnames for pleasure. Joseph dedicateshis existence as a steward, raisingawareness of the last remaining wildplaces on earth, while promotinga paradigm shift that changes ourunderstanding of the remarkable value ofthe plant world around us.

Growers share this passion for crops.The way our vegetables and flowersgrow is often of mesmerizing beauty.Closing Keynote speaker Joe Simcoxinvites us to travel the globe with him insearch of the origins of today’s and futurecrops.

Joseph Simcox